Friday, 5 October 2012

A Heart Of Wool

What could be better than a heart of wool? Soft, warm and everlasting - right from the needles. I bought the book Med hjerte for strikk or With a heart for knitting in english by Sidsel Presterud Røvik. The book is in norwegian - but I believe it is possible to knit from it without knowing norwegian. The charts are simple to understand.

Anyway, I love this book. You can really see the author has her heart in it, literally.

And the hearts she has designed are lovely. It may not be a knitting revoloution but it certainly has great ideas for knitting a heart as one desires.

She has used paper, wool and wire and even included pages so you can design your own heart. You can knit pillows, penguins, jewelry and hearts for the christmas tree. There are endless possibilities.

The photos are really good and the book is a joy just to read and get inspired from.

I had to try out one of the patterns just to see how it worked. It was a bit fiddling with only five stitches to begin with.

But after a couple of rounds it is ok. I used a fingering yarn and one of the charts for a kind of norwegian look. I will try more of the patterns - the hearts has a nice shape and is not as round as you often see knitted hearts.

A warm heart makes the world a better place. Even if it is knitted. Have a lovely heart warming weekend.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull
Needles: 1.75mm dpn
Pattern: From the book Med hjerte for strikk
My Raverly Page: Heart Of Wool
A little heart in my hands - together with my new mittens.


  1. that looks like an awesome book. if I could figure out how much it was I might even get it...since you said the patterns are easy to follow Your heart is awesome Lone!

  2. Hvor er det fint. Meget julet. Man ser det ved siden af en julekule:)Det må lidt være noget pilleværk at sidde med. Kan du have en dejlig weekend. Kh. Dorte

    1. Tusind tak Dorte - ja, det er godt jeg har lavet noget småt før..... God weekend!!!

  3. Så koselige hjerter. Ser dem for meg hengende i vinduene til jul. :)

  4. Lone, this is so precious!!! I will buy a dozen from you! They are so cute and tiny! I love them! A+++++ Hope you are having a great weekend ;o)

  5. Så fint hjerte!!; ja, god idé å henge i vinduet til julepnt! :-)

  6. I´m so happy to see that my book has inspired you!
    Thanks for all the nice words, they make my heart jump with joy :-)
    The book will also be published in English (in addition to German, Dutch and Finnish), the title being "Knit Your Heart Out". It can be found on Amazon, amongst others.
    Warmest regards, Bente (not Sidsel ;-P) Presterud Røvik


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