Monday, 8 October 2012

Using Up Stash Beads

You can see my large stripy scarf here.
It is not only stash yarn that have been used lately. All these polymer clay disks where just lying there. They are all left overs from my colorful braclets. So, since I am stash busting all the time so I can get more stash to fill up the space left from the stash used (!!!), I found out that these beads should be used.

The beads in the S for Stash...
I have this very long striped shawl or scarf that I really love wearing. I so love all the colors and the fact that I used so much stash.

And bought some more to get the right colors. Well, enough about that stash - LOL!!!

I took out all the beads left overs and started to put them together the way I knitted the stripes.

I could have made some more - but that would be an extremely bad excuse to make even more beads.

And even more stashed beads.

So, to make a long story short: Here is the bracelet. Quick and easy and a fun thing to wear with my striped stash buster. Oh no, there is that word again: Stash...

Keep Calm And Stash Down
Stringed and ready to be a bracelet. I use stretch magic 1.5mm for these heavy bracelets.


  1. Fantastic!! Love the bracelet! So much fun! All of these colors make me happy ;o) Have a great one my friend ;o)

  2. What wonderful pieces! I absolutely LOVE your use of colour.

  3. hello Lone, can I ask you a professional question ? when I make beads with fimo, for a necklace it's ok, but when I use them in a bracelet, they often break. I know I 'm rather clumsy, and when i put my hand down at the keyboard eg. the shock is hard, too hard for my poor beads and they break. am I doing something wrong ? I bake the fimo exactely as is on the instructions. should i perhaps put varnish on them ? Maybe you have a special technique or a bright idea ?
    I really like the bracelet you made, as always, the colours are great ! Grts, rozemie

  4. You are as brilliant as your knitting and clay work. Stringing the beads in the pattern of the scarf is so smart! You brighten every day, Lone!

  5. Så flott og fargerikt! Også så stilig med matchende skjerf og armbånd.Det er det ikke mange som har! :)

  6. Thank you ever so much guys - this means the world to me!!!!!!!

  7. Man blir jo så glad når man ser de fantastiske fargene på det du lager. Du er helt gjennomført i fargeglede!


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