Sunday, 10 May 2015

Double Knitting

No, this is not me learning a new technique. It is about a friend having twins - and me knitting a babydress for both of them. And of course some hats to go with them.

Now, gift knitting is lovely. There is something wonderful about the time one give away - and I only knit gifts for those who appreciate it. And these baby sets were so much appreciated.

When the twins were born I knitted two hats in all pink and blue to give when they were at hospital.

Obviously they are for a boy and a girl. I chose gray for main color in the dresses and pink and blue to differ them from each other.

They are knitted in the best baby wool I have ever used: Rauma Panda.

No pilling while knitting, and it is so good to knit with. No splitting - so this is my new goto baby yarn.

Buttons are always a challenge. I wanted similar buttons and in blue and pink for the dresses.

I went into every store I could find. But noone had buttons alike in blue and pink. But I found some on Etsy that were just perfect - what would a knitter do without internet????

I knitted the smallest dress sizes but with longer sleeves and legs. They will fit by autumn - and that was just fine. Congratulations on the twins!!!

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Panda
Needles: 4mm for dresses, 2mm for hats
Pattern: Heil dress
My Ravelry Pages: Blessings, Two More (hats)


  1. Nååå... du ser bare dobbelt...
    Hvor er de fine. Tænk at få to på en gang! Bedste ønsker for de små.
    Nu bliver de da passende ekviperet. Stiligt!!!

  2. Så hyggelig gjort! Det er ikke alle som orker strikke til tvillinger, det er jo dobbelt så mye, men dobbelt så mye gøy å strikke. Heldresser er det vi brukte desidert mest til baby.

    1. Tusen takk Merete!! Var litt mer jobb enn jeg tenkte, men det var verdt det. Har forstått at de dressene er gull verdt!!!

  3. The twins will be nice and warm and very stylish in those gifts! Lucky twins, lucky parents!

  4. Awww so precious! Those babies are lucky!!! Big Hugs ;o) Gorgeous!

  5. Sååååå nydelig, heldige mammaen! Jeg er glad mine ble født i et varmt land, fikk aldri tid til å strikke dobbelt! Ha en herlig uke hos deg!

    1. Tusen takk!!! Ja, der var du heldig :-) Ønsker deg en fin uke også!!

  6. Nydelige sett! Heldig, både mammaen og de små!! :-)

  7. Hello! I have tried to find the pattern for this cute overalls, but the original webpage doesent seem to have it anymore? do you know where to find this pattern?

    1. Click on the link for the pattern - it is in a norwegian book.


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