Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Look What My Mittens Won

The yarn I won is called Dandelion yarn and is from Sweden.
My mittens are some lucky ones. They won The Color Delight Price in the easter competition I entered them in.

They were not the winner of the best easter mittens. But my mittens won the best price they could ever win.

To win a color price is even better to me - and the yarn that came in the mail from Germany, where one of the jury members Frida live, IS AMAZING.

The colors simply shines from the yarn. Complementary colors and all.

I believe my color choice has been spotted. I am thinking green apples and tomatoes.

The yarn is called Dandelion Yarn and is an organic yarn from Sweden. Soft merino and it is hand painted.

Never heard of it before and I really enjoyed receiving it. Just love it!!! Now what am I going to make in this?

That is the question. It has to be something special to show off those colors.

Thank you to Vottelauget for their extra price and for the inspiration to get on with mittens knitting.

I love those mittens and enjoyed every second knitting them.

In a ball of yarn is the potential to make to make a dream that you have come true
Melanie Falick

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull in various colors
Needles: 3mm for cuff, 2.5mm for mitten
My Ravelry: Easter Meadow
Winner of the Color Delight Price in an easter competition.


  1. Gratulerer. De er så flotte, dine fargerike votter. Og for en herlig premie. Fargene er helt DEG ( og meg) jeg er sikker på at du allerede har en ide på hva de skal forvandles til. Kanskje et nytt sjal????
    Ikke overraskende, he he....
    Den kurven er bare helt skjønn!!!!!
    Ha en herlig dag. Klem

    1. Tusen takk Sylvia!!! Ja, innertier med de fargene. Så utrolig glad da jeg åpnet pakken!! Ja, igrunnen så trenger jeg et sjal.... Ha en fin fin dag!!

  2. Disse vottene er rett å slett helt nydelige - de fortjener heder og ære :)

  3. ih hvor skønt!!! Hjerteligt tillykke med anerkendelsen.
    Nu er jeg meget nysgerrig efter, hvad det garn ender som....

    1. Tusind tak Anne!!! Ja, det er jeg også. Farverne er jo fantastiske!!!

  4. Gratulerer så masse. Del dem gjerne i min link up party i bloggen.
    Ha en strålandes dag videre.

  5. Congratulation Lone! What a wonderful prize to win! I'm looking forward to seeing apples and tomatoes!

    1. Thank you so much Debbie!!! Oh, juicy knitting come to me :-)

  6. Så flott! Gratulerer! VELDIG fortjent, for disse vottene er bare helt nydelige :)
    Jeg gleder meg til å se hva du lager av det nye garnet!

  7. Congratulations:) Your mittens are amazing:)

  8. Lucky mittens! The colors are glorious! :)

  9. Well deserved! And perhaps not very surprising?! I love, love, love your colours in everything you knit, it's a great inspiration.
    Oh, and may I suggest the blog Clara stickar on blogspot, she has been known to knit that yarn. Lovely blog too.

    1. Thank you so much Veronika!! I know about Clara and her work - just wonderful!!!

  10. Yeh, congratulations! So happy for you! Big Hugs ;o)


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