Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Out Of The Closet

They were hiding back in the closet. But suddenly popped up in the back of my head. 

In 2010 I made a necklace I used once. Then it broke and the beads were stashed away. Back in a closet.

Nothing is like finding already made beads and put them together again for a bracelet. 

This is truly mixed media. Polymer clay, decoupage and felted beads for a light and colorful accessorie.

Since my knitting is a little off for too many months more my brain is obviously trying to find new ways to get that creative itching off... LOL!!

I could actually have made this again if it was not for the felted beads. 

It took a lot of power to get them properly felted. 

I used rowing to make them and a lot of soap and water. But it was so much fun. 

The decoupage beads are made of napkins and those white light beads you find in craft stores. 

Decoupage is actually quite fun to do. And alomst anything can be decoupaged.

Anyway - I suddenly have a new bracelet. Not that I need more. Or something like that... LOL!!
Some left over beads could easily become another bracelet. I may have some other stashed beads that match...


  1. Så kult det ble! Ekstra fint med blanding av mange forskjellige "formater" :)

    1. Tusen takk Maria. Veldig gøy å blande forskjellige på denne måten😃

  2. So pretty Lone! I love it!!! Big Hugs!

  3. Du har helt din egen stil ☺ super sejt armbånd 😀

  4. Kjempefint armbånd! Så stilig når man bruker forskjellige materialer.

  5. Så veldig flott... skape skape interessante ting... super armbånd har du laget.
    Jeg hadde tovet perler også - gul farge - ja man må kraftig arbeide :-)))
    Kombinere godt med de andre perlene. Hilsen til deg. Ha god kveld og
    super helg. Klem fra Viola


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