Monday, 20 March 2017

Button Mad

A combination of wood, plastic, glass and a tiny bell.
Never stop doing anything that makes you happy - even if it is eating chocolate... LOL! 

I would have a lot of closet space and empty room if I was not creative. But then again, the creative source is a blessing in my life. It is in fact, life. I am so blessed to have my creativity. I just hope it also gives something to people around me.

Buttons, pearls and a button stack. Live - and stay creative.
Anyway - nothing much to say about this. I love picking out the buttons from their piles and find accessories that match. There are so many buttons out there and so little time... These markers are light and great if you need to add a lot of them to your knitting. 

I will make a lot of the button markers - just because I can and because I get that happy feeling deep inside.

Have a creative day - and I hope you find your joy in what you do.

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul
Elder Uchtdorf


  1. Jeg elsker hjertene... så fantastisk grønn og rosa...
    jeg har grønn, rosa og litt brun på pinne - småstrikke :-))
    Mandagsklem fra Viola - Ha en fargerik uke

    1. Tusen takk Viola - de to fargene er så fine sammen. Gleder meg til å se hva du har på pinnene😍 Ha en fin og strikkelig uke med klem fra meg

  2. What a fun, happy post!! I love your creations! Keep being you Lone!!! I only can have chocolate once and awhile now, darn it! LOL! Big Hugs!

  3. Det er altid skønt at komme herind og se hvad du har lavet - her oser af kreativitet og farveglæde ☺ de er så flotte dine maskemarkører og jeg kan sagtens forestille mig hvor sjovt det må være at finde knapper og tilbehør, der passer sammen ☺ og altid farveglæde så det batter 😀


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