Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Ring A Sheep

Well, not phone a sheep. Although it could be an interesting conversation about wool. Sheep are after all the biggest provider of a knitters joy.

Enough of that. I have knitted another scarf from my design Colorize.

I simply had to pair these colors. I may have done that before and forgotten all about it. LOL!!!

Anyway I really enjoy these two particular turqouise colors.

I can be quite picky about what color I use. If it is not excactly what I want I find other combinations.

The darkest turquoise is pt2 and Rauma.

I cannot find that one anywhere else. Totally love it. The other two colors are Finull, also from Rauma.

Well, it did not take long to knit. But it took some time to get those photos taken. Not my favorite thing.

I am very happy about how this came out. I am wearing my first Colorize a lot.

If you would like to knit your own - check out my free pattern here.

Behind every great knitter there is a huge pile of yarn


  1. Det er et flot tørklæde - og sikke skønne farver. Lige til at blive glad af 👍
    Sikken fin detalje med ringene.

  2. ÅÅ, du flotte, fargerike dame! Ha en herlig helg, klem fra meg!

    1. Tusen takk :-) Riktig god helg med klem fra meg også:-)

  3. Vakker... herlig fargene. Vår hilsen fra Viola
    Ha riktig fargerik og kose helg.

    1. Tusen takk Viola!!! Ha en herlig søndag og 1.mai :)

  4. De farver har da bare ventet på at blive sat sammen - hvor er det skønt at se på og virkelig sej detalje med ringene :-) Det er jo de små detaljer, der udvikler et design og du har bare sans for både farverne og detaljerne :-)


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