Saturday, 4 May 2019

Knitting Completed: 1198 Rows And 29 Words

Yes. That is about it. The Ticker Tape is done and it was so much fun knitting it. Everyone says that it seems like a huge effort to put in a scarf. But there are only 38 stitches in one row - that is not much.

As you can read in my previous post about The Ticker Tape the scarf is knitted letter by letter.

I actually thought it would be shorter, but ended up with 4.53 meters. Actually just as I wanted it.

I just knitted and knitted word for word. I just love wearing this.

But I must say: Why did I not knit this in turquoise which is my favorite color? Have no idea. Maybe I could knit another one in that color?

After all, I have the whole pattern ready in Excel. I thought it would take a long time to make the pattern, but copy and paste is easy and so was the making.

I found it easier to knit from a pattern than to find each letter for the words in the pattern.

I could have knitted wrong - and spelling mistakes was not an option...

The scarf must have made it to our local newspaper because I ended up in Lindesnes with the it. Not a lot of people have knitted the Lords blessing I assume... LOL!

So here is the fun facts about the scarf:
  • 4.53 meters
  • 29 words
  • 116 letters
  • 10 numbers
  • 1198 rows
  • 43.128 stitches
  • 4 x !
  • 1 fish
  • 29 word spaces
    How do you get photos of something so long??? 
I used three skeins of each color from Rauma Finull. Proper norwegian wool to keep me warm. 

You can check out the project and find the pattern for your own Ticker Tape on Ravelry. The pattern comes with letters and numbers so you can knit something that is just your own. 


  1. En spændende ide... Strik dine tanker... bønner... valgsprog... ordsprog..
    Excel er bare super til den slags. Et alfabet og copy-paste... Så er det bare at slå op.
    Det er så godt nok blevet ... noooget... længere end jeg forestillede mig!
    Du designer da et nyt og strikker i turkis 😉


    1. Tusind tak Anne😍 Ja mere personligt bliver det ikke. Måske lige noget for politkerne før valget🤪 Ok. Så gør jeg det😍

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Flott, du har det gjort. Bare fantastisk og hva for herlig ide.
    Gratulere :-))
    Hilsen til deg, kjære Lone.
    Ha riktig god uke Viola.


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