Thursday, 16 January 2020

Look At Those Colors

That feeling inside that is pulsating in pure happiness. It is exactly how I felt wearing my new scarf for the first time. It is liberating to use the colors I love.

I have had so much fun knitting this that I just wanted to knit one more. Knitting stripes somehow brings out addictive behaviour. LOL!!!

One pattern repeat from beginning to my finger.
Remember the scarf I told about in my previous post? The one with what seemed like a random striped scarf but is not?

I am still astonished by how a pattern can come out like this. I simply took the ten colors I wanted and put them in the order I found best.

Then just varied how many rows I knitted from each color. and in different order. Then repeated the pattern a litte over four times.

The pattern is also listed in my blog post. As I like system this i perfect.

And it still get that random look but not with the frustration about not finding out how to do it.

I have spit spliced every color change - no way I was going to weave in a million ends.

When finished there are only two ends to weave in. Spit splicing is the best knitting technique I have ever learned. Since I knit in wool it works every time. For super wash as well.

I used about 300 grams from my stash. I am knitting mittens I can use with the scarf.

Knitting gives me so much joy - it is a red thread trough life. And this scarf is making me wonder why we are so afraid of being who we are. What would your scarf look like if you chose your favorite colors and just didn't care about what other people would think?

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull Pt2
Needles: 2.5mm
Pattern: Lifelines, Stripe pattern
My Ravelry page: This Is Fun

Think big and don't listen to people who tell you it can't be done 
Life is too short to think small
Tim Ferriss
Looks random but is not. I repeated a pattern a little over four times in the scarf.


  1. En drøm igjen, kjære Lone. For et vakkert skjerf :-)) Herlig. Og jeg er spent på å se når jeg endelig begynner (men jeg har i hodet så mange prosjekter)...
    de er så vakre, dine fargede skjerf - alle sammen :-))) Og når jeg strikker modellen din en gang, har jeg alle linjer og tenker til deg :-)
    Takk for deilige bilder igjen... Klem Viola. Jeg har det så gøy. Takk Lone.

    1. Åh tusen tusen takk for en så koselig kommentar. Du gjør meg alltid så glad😍 Gleder meg til å se skjerfet ditt. Og over at du vil strikke mitt design❣️❣️ klem tilbake til deg kjære Viola❣️


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