Monday, 6 January 2020

Whatever, System Is A Good Thing

I have been called all kinds of things because I like systems. Amongst them nerd and freak. People have a charming way of telling other people they have some negative thing about them.

This is my protest to that.

This is my scarf of many colors in a system that makes it so fantastic that I almost started dancing.

At least I tried. But I stumbled in the yarn skeins... LOL!!!

Anyway, I love bright colors and putting them together so that each one looks good apart and together.

Knitting with stash yarn can be quite a challenge - I am not very good in just knitting with what comes to mind then and there.

I need a system. A pattern. So I finally found a way of doing just that.

Kaffe Fasset taught me this.

If you look at his way of knitting in different colors he almost always has a pattern - even though it does not look like it.

And that is the most fun of it: It looks like random knitting but it is not.

I found ten colors in Finull Pt2 placed them in order and made a pattern for the knitting.

I had my Lifelines scarf as the main pattern.

You can download it for free here.

When I knit like this it seems like there are no system. And it makes great harmony in the colors and the way they work together.

So people can call me what they want - I love this and it gives me great joy.

This is how I do it (feel free to do the same).
I knit the colors in this order with color code for each one of the ten:
10 rows dark turquoise (4605) 
10 rows light turquoise (4705) 
4 rows magenta (4886) 
4 rows light purple (4088) 
2 rows dark purple (4042) 
10 rows orange (4205) 
8 rows green (4018) 
8 rows red (424) 
4 rows light pink (4686) 
12 rows light blue (4406) 
10 rows light purple 
8 rows light pink 
4 rows light blue 
2 rows light purple 
12 rows dark turquoise 
4 rows green 
4 rows light pink 
12 rows orange 
8 rows light turquoise 
4 rows red 
2 rows dark purple 
2 rows light purple 
4 rows magenta 
10 rows light blue 
6 rows green 
12 rows light pink 
4 rows magenta 
8 rows orange 

That is the pattern for the colors. I think I end up with about four repeats for my scarf planned to be 2.5 meters long. So, here it is: A lot of fun. I could knit around the clock... 
Great, is it not?


  1. I love systems! A good system makes things work, whether it's colors or something less artistic. I would love to hear the logic you used to create the stripe pattern for this scarf!

    1. Thank you so muchūüėć I didn’t have any other logic than to place the colours in the order I wanted and just made the stripes in different width. As you can see from the listūüėć

  2. Just love all the colours you've used.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you so much Janūüėć All the best to you tooūüėć

  3. Det er nå alt folk skal legge seg borti også, da... Bruk så mye farger og ha så mye system du vil, du! :) Kjempeflott skjerf til å bli glad av!

    1. Ja, ikke sant? Tusen takk Line Kristine. Det skal jegūüėć


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