Friday, 1 January 2021

I Wish You A Blessed New Year

Some of the wool that even became a sweater. And a lot of scarves. Joy beyond to be able to create.
Happy happy new year to you. Thank you ever so much for visiting my blog. For writing comments with love, encouragement and hope. For giving me a reason to still hold on to my blog although it mostly go against to stream. 

I discovered puzzles in 2020. My first since childhood.    
I really enjoy visits to other peoples blogs. It gives so much more than Instagram. 

A closer look. An honest view on crafting, life and a lot more. I thank you for that too.

2020 was yesterday. Time has passed so quick. And where did it go? 

That would be one of my thoughts for the new year: Why do I spent so much time worrying about what the future will hold? 

And why do I dwell in the past that is already over? 

Why don't I spent more time right here and right now? And really take in and appreciate life, people, faith, wool, creating, sunsets, fresh air and so much more? And why don't I give more of what I have to others? 

Our worldly culture is all about me, me and me. What is in it for me, we ask. I tell myself: Do not ever wait to give even the smallest thing, a smile, a home backed bread or whatever you have. That is pure joy. And it builds people up. I still remember the stuffed animal I got for christmas one year. 

Pure happiness to find a heart stone on a beach. 
Have no idea who sent it - but it meant the world right there and then. And the fact that I still cherish and remember that says a lot to me about what I can give to others. Do you agree?
New years solutions lasts normally no longer than a day. At least when it comes to eating chocolate. LOL! But this year I am determined. 

I have learned a huge loads about gratefulness in 2020. And even more about appreciation of life itself and the good times. 

All those little things during a day. A candlelight and a good book. A warm handknitted scarf. A hug from someone I love. 

A friendly face in a shop, along a walk or a message on the phone. Light in someone elses eyes. Hope. And just fill in the blank.

I wish for you to have a blessed year. That you will have minutes, days and months in wonder about how you enjoyed a small thing so much. 

That you will see all the good things in life. Even the hot water in the shower and a sunrise in orange. Happy new year 2021.

Worry weighs a person down;
an ecouraging word cheers a person up
Proverbs 12:25
Wonderful sunset in Fjellerup Denmark summer 2020.


  1. Truly, truly beautiful! I love all your words Lone! I love your puzzle! I love your heart stone! I love your sunset! I love your photos of your creations! Happy New Year!!! Big Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much dear Stacy🥰 Big hugs back to you❤️

  2. Happy New Year, Lone and all the best for you, your family and your dearest ones in 2021 and everytime.
    I am one of the readers of your blog, who read but normally never wrote something. I am aware now, this is not good, the blogger needs and wants to get something back. A nice word, a smile, a hug, a good feeling. Like the little smile from a stranger, meeting on the streets.
    So let me send you this smile and a twinkle. And I want to say thank you for bringing the color into my live. Since years I am reading your blog and I am always attracted to the colors you use and the colors you wear. You are my age and you are so colorful. I use colors for my knittings, but they are not so vivid, so bright, so sunlight then yours. I am the one who tend to grab gray or black and just put a little color with the scarf or shawl on it. But with your kind of help I did my own steps to more color in my live. I am still far away from your colorful clothing and accessories but I draw nearer step by step. I am not only admiring you and your colors, I also started to put more bright colors to my life and I like it a lot. I gives me more fun and makes me kind of stronger.

    Greetings from the North of Germany - Sigga

    1. Dearest Sigga, Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment🥰 I am so happy that you visit my blog and that you are finding joy in using colors💐 Nothing gives more happiness than to read that you have started using colors in your knitting and that it makes a difference in your life 😍 I wish you a happy new colorful year and that you will find joy in colors one at a time💜 Hugs from Lone

  3. Beautiful mosaic and photograph.
    Happy New Year Wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you so much dear Jan❤️ I wish you and your love ones a happy new year ✨🥰

  4. Kjære Lone, jeg klemmer deg. Du har funnet fantastiske ord.
    Gled deg hver dag og gi andre glede. Takk for bloggen din og bloggvennskapet,
    jeg kommer alltid forbi med stor glede.
    Viola ønsker deg et fargerikt, lykkelig 2021.

    1. Tusen takk kjære Viola💜 Du gjør alltid dagen lysere🌟 Riktig godt nyttår fine bloggvenn🥰✨

  5. Happy New Year!
    Glad I found your blog. The cat jigsaw puzzle is fantastic.

    1. Happy new year✨🥰 So happy you found me. And now I have found you too🥰 That puzzle was amazing. A lot of fun and I love it on my wall🧩

  6. Oh my!!!! I LOVE your knitting! Love your blog so much! I am so thankful for your visit to my blog-so happy to visit you and follow along, and get to know you!!!!

    1. Thank you so much dear Debra🥰 You are so welcome here. Bless you🙏❤️


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