Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Gift From A Heart

 This is the most personal gift I´ve ever got. I love this pendant so much. It says much more than words. The artist Marie Segal made this to me and I can´t say how lucky I am to recieve this heart. You should visit her blog and see for yourself.

Her heart line in polymer clay is extraordinary, and she manage to tell so much using polymer clay. These hearts are much more than jewelry. They tell something to the wearer and about the artists heart.

This shows that a personal gift from a heart means much more than departmentstore bought jewelry.

I admire her work and the fact that she´s so giving and loving. Thank you Marie. You made me so happy. More than you know.

You can also find Marie here:
Her Etsy shop
Her Flickr site

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  1. Lone you are so sweet!! Thank you so very very much!


Thank you so much for your comment - it means a lot to me!!! Sorry about the robot words - it is due to loads of spam. Hope it is ok!!!

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