Sunday, 25 July 2010

Cats In A Golden Box

My very first decoupage project with a napkin. I´m very pleased on how it came out. The fact that I can´t draw or paint makes decoupage a wonderful way to "paint" almost anything.

Wooden legs are painted with gold paint and glued on the box.

I painted the box in white and gold and put on some golden legs. The top is only a napkin decoupaged on the lid of the box. I also cut out some of the leaves in the napkin to put on the sides of the box. It was so much fun to make this.

I never thought decoupage could be so easy. I´ve made beads earlier but this was so different. A whole new world has opened.

I want to thank all of those artists who paints their motiv and print it on napkins. What a great job and such a great gift to all of us who just want to use these wonderful prints for something special. Think about it when you use a napkin. It´s someones creative job.

We often don´t think about this since we do not see the work beeing done. Just like so many other jobs that makes the world goes around every day. There are so many people who never gets appreciation for what they do. Maybe someone wold love to hear: Thank you. Someone you know?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Impression On A Mouse

After making my first chrysalis I had a little skinnerblend left. So I made this mouse and a ring to go with it. Quite funny to find leafs in pouring rain for making the texture. And it was much easyer than I thougt.

How to make a leaf texture
You just find a leaf with a good texture. Use the back of the leaf where the texture is best. Put it on the clay and roll over the leaf with a roller.

I use my knitting needle for rolling. Pull the leaf gently off and bake. After baking you use acrylic paint if you want to highlight the texture better. I did that in these pieces.

Think about all those beautiful leaves just waiting around to make a good impression on your clay. You can make all sorts of pendants, rings and bracelets. A leaf impression allways draws attention.

It always fascinates me to watch nature in a macro view. Isn´t it amazing to see the wonders? There are so many details in nature we just pass by. Make a little stop - see the wonders around you. You´ll be surprised.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Free In A Chrysalis

This polymer clay chrysalis holds a prayer inside. The artist Lori Wilkes generously published her tutorial on these pendants in the magazine Belle Armoire Jewelry last summer.

I love the idea and the symbol the chrysalis represent. Inside there´s a seed for something beautiful and fragile. 

The story about metamorphosis never seem to loose interest. You never know what hides inside another person. No one is never just what you see.

I loved to make this so much. Putting a wish, a prayer or words of love inside these pendants makes them very special and personal.

Thank you so much for sharing, Lori. I will make a lot of chrysalis pendants.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Beads For The Summer

When I discovered Donna Katos tutorial for these beads I was in heaven. I´ve been making them ever since. I love to make the skinner blends, the canes and the beads.

There´s something magical about putting the beads together in a bracelet. And see all the colors working together. That makes the summer last the whole year.  

The word bead actually means "prayer". I read in a book that it´s an old egyptian word. And beads have meant so much to people all over the world for centuries. 

They were used for trading, showing a cultural affiliation, welth and just for dressing up. Beads were not something without meaning.

Every bead I make have a meaning to me. The colors, the form and the feeling of it. Despite that maybe no one else see it.

But in everything made from your self there´s a litte bit of you in it. And that will shine all the way to everyone else. Just like a smile on a cloudy day.

So it does not have to be perfect. It has to be a part of you. And then it will be perfect. Strange, isn´t it?

Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Beads Of Memories

I found these made of seed beads in a box with some old stuff. I actually made these when I was about 12 years old. I had this very kind friend who showed me how to do this. And I remember how wonderfully proud I was when I managed to make them.

I´ve been saving them all these years - so it must have meant a lot to me. I was so happy to find them.

They are so good to touch and hold in your hands. Seed beads are so lovely. Tiny glass beads from which you can make anything.

I cherished my beads a lot when I was young. We didn´t have that much money and every bead counted. Maybe that´s why I chose those colors from my seed bead boxes.

When you´ve learned that not everything comes into your hands by itself, you appreciate things a lot more. 

There are memories in everyone of these beads. And my friend and I could sit for hours and hours to make them.

We shared beads, knowledge and secrets only 12 year old girls can have.

Thank you Britt, for beeing my friend and for giving me your love and skills.

I hope you have a lovely crafting memory to share. Feel free to comment. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Enjoy Every Minute In Your Weekend

It´s weekend. For some it´s a lonely time in the week. For others it´s lazy days with friends and family. Whatever you do - whereever you are, I wish you a lovely weekend. I hope there will be light in your days to give you hope and peace.

This photo was taken when my cat was a little kitty and he just moved in. When I look at him now I can still see this little fellow with play and fun is his eyes.

So don´t forget to have some great days. Do what nurture your heart. And take care of you.
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