Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Gift In A Nutshell

Every nut can be opened and my friend will find personal notes in them.
My very best friend has her birthday now. And I´ve spent some time figuring out what I should give her. I pretty soon found out that department store gifts was out of the question. So - I was left in my thinking to make something creative and special for her.

The notes has images of walnuts on them as well as the text.
After some time I decided to make faux walnuts in polymer clay. They are all hollow because inside of them there´re small notes with written appreciations of her friendship. So every day of the week she can open one of them to find my words to encourage her.

A sterling silver walnut in a key chain as a reminder each day.
I made another walnut for her to open on her birthday - that says that seven walnuts a day would keep her healthy. At least that´s what Ph.D Joe Vinson has found out: "Walnuts have a combination of more healthful antioxidants and higher quality antioxidants than any other nut".

Placed in their special box and the extra nut to open on her day.
So the nuts for my friend is also a symbol of an amazing nut with it´s protecting shell as well as the nourishment she´ll find inside. In addition I was so lucky to find a walnut in sterling silver as a key chain - to be a reminder to her every day that she means the world to me. The nut is also a copy of a real nut made with electroforming method.

Thank you for beeing my friend and for the joy you give me every day. And for your love and appreciation. You´re the best, dear!!!

All wrapped to go - with an almond to cheer it up.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

One Tasty Strawberry

The days are filled with sun and blue sky. It´s like comming out of a very long sleep in a very cold place. At least the winter here was cold and long.

Now it´s gone and I´m knitting more strawberries. This time it´s a bookmark. A fun and easy knit. If you´ll like to try it out, there´s a free pattern here.

And what the book in the photo says? I really dont´know - but I think it´s something about eating more chocolate, shop for knitting books, visit other blogs and enjoy the little things in everyday life. Or something... LOL! Oh, and I forgot the important cup of good coffee.

Previous knitted strawberries. A bit dry to eat...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Hint Of Love And Care

I found this video on a wonderful blog I´ve been following for some time. You should check out Beth Hemmilas blog.

You´ll find small wonderful silver charms - and yes, there are one with a humminbird as well. I bought a couple of Beths charms and they are so beautiful. She calls them hints - little stories in silver.

And remember: It´s the small things in life that makes us happy. Maybe this little hummingbird will make your day brighter.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

Greetings from Norway where the spring is here with a lot of sun, green leaves and a happy cat. Well, not exactly true. He´s been very sick for some days, but he´s finally better. The vet was so nice to him and he´s gotten the best care ever.

So tomorrow he can run out and enjoy the easter and spring. And I - I´m so happy he made it and that he´s so much better. Gismo is such a blessing!

I wish you a happy easter, with sunny days and a lot of chocolate. And some relaxing crafting. I´m still knitting on my own personal meadow.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Knitting Me A Meadow

Click on the photo to see the scarf better.
Spring has finally arrived - and soon it will be summer. So why am I knitting a new scarf in alpaca wool?

Well, in this way both spring and summer will last and give a little warm feeling when the snow is back. Or hopefully not. LOL!

Anyway, I´m knitting another scarf because there´s so much pleasure in it. And alpaca is really comfortable to wear. And oh, I love the colors I can use.

This is a pattern from the danish knit designer Ruth Sørensen. It´s actually for a shawl - but I don´t know when I should wear a shawl - but a scarf is much easier to find use for.

I love the pattern. It´s an easy and nice knit to just run along between my hands.

And as the spring outside is making everything bloom and grow, flowers are growing inside. At least in my scarf.

Have a lovely blooming week where you are - either outside or inside.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My Scarf Is Nominated Favorite Number One

Simply amazing to find out that my scarf with all the hearts has become favorite number one in the "Yarn it all" bloghopping on Mandys blog. Among skilled crafters she chose my scarf. That is a great honor. I´m really so happy about it!!!

Thank you Mandy so very much - this means the world to me.

You find the story about the scarf with over one thousand hearts here.

Read more about "Yarn it all" here.

Friday, 1 April 2011

One Can Never Get Too Woolly

I´ll salute all sheeps and alpaccas. If it haven´t been for you, what in the world should keep us warm or busy with our needles.

Well, there´s always cotton - but wool is the best. At least that´s my woolly thought right now.

All of the ones that match my scarf.
Anyway, these bangles are an addition to the ones made to match my heartwarming scarf.

It´s so much fun to have a colorful world of yarn just waiting to become strawberries or bangles.

Finding Ravelry gives me a lot of inspiration and courage to try out things I´ve never thought I could do.

And of course all the knitting books I´ve been dreaming my self through.

In the meantime, the clay is resting. But there are some birds ready to be born. More about that later.

I follow my heart and create what I like. A freedom that makes me so happy.
 Yes - let´s hit the needles.

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