Monday, 4 July 2011

A Meadow With Frills

Oh, I could dive into this scarf. The alpaca is so soft. I just finished knitting this two meter long scarf with the daisy pattern from the danish designer Ruth Sorensen. The colors are chosen to be complementary to get the most of them  - and because I love a lot of colors.

Two frills on each end.
I´ve been thinking a lot about what I should do with the edges. When I saw a pattern for frills in the book Little luxury knits I decided to try them out. And they worked.

In fact they were easy to knit - all stockinette and in the round. Each of them has about 480 stitches.

I´m so happy about how this meadow came out. I only have a little problem: It´s summer and I can´t flash it just yet.

But all good things comes to ones who wait, right? In this case winter - well I must be crazy wishing for winter. But you know what I mean....

Anyway, it´s all about finding the little things to appreciate. And there are so many of them - it´s all about spotting them.


  1. If I had such a scarf I too would long for winter!

  2. Thank you Nina Lise - I´m happy we are two... LOL!!

  3. Fantastic!! Love those colors and the ends are perfect! :)

  4. Thank you Mary, I´m glad you like the ends!!!

  5. Fantastic Lone! I can't say enough beautiful things about your creations ;o) Have a wonderful day!

  6. What a wonderful design ! I love the colours and the way they flow into each next part. the frills you chose are perfect for this scarf ! Grtz, Rozemie

  7. Thank you Stacy - I´m overwhelmed!!!!

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