Friday, 22 July 2011

A Green Fellow From The Sea

Seahorse made with polymer clay and antiqued with white paint.
My polymer clay has been resting way too long while my knitting has kept me busy. So, here he is: The Green Seahorse. I never thought the green skinnerblend would work for a seahorse. But it did - at least I think so. The color is so bright.

I really enjoyed making him. He´s like a little emerald from the sea.

Seahorses prefer to live in sheltered areas so he´s staying with me to keep my days green. The pendant is made from a skinnerblend in two colors.

I then stamped the word seahorse on it. In addition you´ll find some texturing with blades and other tools. The disks are all scrap clay from the skinnerblend.

I had an old stripes sheet, and the stripes sort if give the pendant a frame.

The leather cord is long to get many options for lenghts wearing it. In the end of the cord there are also some beads. I think it makes the necklace versatile.

I love the shape of the seahorse. And thinking of that little creature way down in the sea makes me think that anything is possible. In spite of beeing small it´s so beautiful and actually cute. And it survives all the danger.

I found these words about the seahorse online:  
Patience - Friendliness - Protection - Inflexibility -  Perspective - Generosity/Sharing - High-Perception - Persistence - Contentment
Well, something to live up to - but I love to put some meaning into what I make.

Earrings to go with the seahorse. Sterling silver and polymer clay.


  1. Lone, so cute and beautiful! I love the tones of green you used! Fantastic in every way ;o)

  2. Thank you dear Stacy - for beeing here on my blog today and for your comment!!! Big hugs!!

  3. He's adorable Lone!! I do miss working in clay but so enjoy seeing what others are doing... The whole set is delightful!!

  4. Thank you Mary!!!! Hope you can get your hands on the clay soon!!!

  5. You make the vivid colors sing!

  6. super cute, I love the colour combination.

  7. Lone, the seahorse is adorable & the earring to match, too! I've been working on a seahorse, too! Hope to show him Monday!

  8. And thank you Debbie - somehow your comment just showed up. But it was worth waiting for dear!!

  9. This is beautiful! what a wonderful design of a necklace and earrings! :)
    Love it!

  10. Thank you Iris - nice to see you!!!!


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