Sunday, 17 July 2011

With A Woollen Heart

Or at least the pouches are woollen. Handknittet, felted and some of my handmade polymer clay buttons as well.

I kind of fancy these cute colors - they are like a summer breeze. There are something innocent about these colors.

You can find the link to the pattern and more about my knitted pouches here.
They are easy to knit and make great gifts for someone you love - or just for yourself.

Keeping the light flowing into your heart is so important.

Don´t let hate, anger or bitterness make a shade in front of your heart.

A good friend said to me once that, bitterness is to drink poison and expect others to die from it. I think that says it all.

Keep your heart in the light with a woolly place to rest.

Have a lovely day in the light.


  1. They look like confetti :-) I wonder, do they open on top or are they sewn shut?

  2. These are absolutely beautiful...and you are right, the colors are soothing and calming...the heart buttons are so great!! I love your PC do such a wonderful job all the way around! :)

  3. Love these Lone and I love the saying you wrote at the end! How true!

  4. Thank you coffeeaddict!!! The button is sewn inside and then I make a cut in the other side to the button can get through.

    Thank you Mary - you´re always so kind!!!

    Thank you Stacy - oh yes, I really do believe that!!

  5. They look lovely! I love those stripey buttons!

  6. Så nydelige små vesker, ikke minst de søte knappene! Og hvile i ull - det hørtes deilig ut :-)

  7. What cute little pouches! I love the contrast between the soft pastel of the wool and the vivid colors of the button. Very clever and beautifully made!


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