Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Light As A Feather - Soft As The Summer

Crochet shawl done in only a few days.
A friend tought me how to crochet a shawl. And so I did. With this wonderful light alpaca yarn named Faerytale from Du Store Alpakka. I used two skeins for it. And it´s so light and yet nice and warm.

Wonderful, soft and light alpaca.
I´ve had a lot of attemps on crocheting flowers but they all end up wrong in spite of patterns and all.

So I just decided to crochet out of my head. I´m not going to win the title "Miss Crochet" of the year with this. Maybe there´s room in the competition for "Miss Crochet No Matter What Outcome"? LOL!!

But I must say I love this shawl. Nice in the evenings and it´s going to be wonderful when the frost and snow arrives.

Who cares if it´s not perfect. Who says that everything should be perfect? Isn´t it what we are all trying to be, and are killing ourselves with? I really don´t know anyone who is perfect - but I know A LOT who is trying to be.

Perfect is out - imperfect is in. It must be freedom to just be and create without caring about everything beeing perfect. Or what??

Half done. I used size 6 mm on the hook, and it worked up really fast. Done in a few days.


  1. Well maybe to someone who crochets, they might see these imperfections you are talking about...but to someone like me who doesn't, it's wonderful!! Love the pattern in the yarn and the cute little flowers all over! Great job! Especially for creating 'out of your head' :)))

  2. That looks wonderfully soft!

  3. I love the colour, the little flowers are such a sweet addition. And alpaca really is incredible to work with and to wear. I feel sorry for the people who have allergies and can't wear it.

  4. I crochet & I think your shawl is wonderful! So cozy for a cool evening. Very pretty color blend, too!

  5. Lone, I truly love this and I love the color you did it in too! Fantastic my friend ;o) I can't believe you did this out of your head! You talented young lady!! ;o)It's perfect to me ;o)

  6. That is the most adorable summer shawl! I love it! The flowers you added really finish it off even more perfectly! Great work!

  7. Thank you Tori - it really is!!

    Thank you coffeeaddict - alpaca is the best!!

    Thank you Debbie - wow, really? Thank you!!

    Thank you Stacy - young?? LOL

    Thank you claymates!!!

  8. It looks so lovely and soft...:)


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