Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ready For Blue Days

Just started on the pattern with 480 stitches on small needles. I love it!!
At least in my knitting. I´m actually quite excited about finding a pattern for a dress in the right shape to knit. And a one in norwegian is great.

Photo of the pamphlet.
Small neddles and a lot of knitting will keep me warm in addition to making a nice garment for my self.

Right now it´s hard to see what it will look like - but click on the photo from the pamphlet to see the garment on a model. It´s not me - no doubt about it....

Anyway, it´s going to be dark blue with turquoise pattern. Those colors goes with everything other color.

I hope it´ll fit - it´s always hard to find the right size. If it get´s too big, I can always eat more chocolate (YES) and if it get´s too small... Well, then I knit a new one.
Dark blue for the background and turquoise.


  1. Blue is ALWAYS the right choice!! It's going to be brilliant!

  2. Rauma finull bringer meg tilbake til gymnasdagene og intens strikking i timene. Du er sporty som strikker kjole og innviklede gensere, det er lenge siden jeg har jobbet med så store strikkeprosjekter. Fargevalget ditt er nydelig - og som du sier, de passer til alt.

  3. Thank you Miss Julep!!!! I hope so!!!

  4. Lone, the dress looks so cute! And, I love the color! Can't wait to see it done ;o)

  5. Pretty colour choices and an adorable pattern :-)
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will turn our ok with sizing!

  6. This is a brave undertaking Lone! Thank you for your kind words on my blog--we are still drying out and throwing out! I lost so much yarn I could cry, but it is only stuff. People are more important and we are fine.

  7. Thank you Debbie. And you´re welcome - I´m still thinking of you. I´m sorry about your stuff - I know that feeling.... Big hug!!


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