Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Colorful Year

With some of my polymer clay beads, with my heart and with a hope that you´ll find your true colors in 2012, I wish you a very happy new year.

May all the birds of hope and happiness land on your roof in the new year.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Warm Hug For A Friend

A warm, soft and everlasting hug - what could be a better gift? So I knitted this scarf from the finest alpaca wool for a very dear friend for christmas. It was a lovely and easy knit and I really enjoyed knitting it. I added tassels with beads to it.

It is 2 meters long and about 20 cm wide. It is knitted from the yarn Faerytale from Du Store Alpakka on 5mm needles.

I like the outcome so much that I see a new scarf like this for my own neck. Some times it´s nice to give yourself a good warm hug.

My friend love this scarf and the fact that it´s just her colors. I hope it will keep her warm on every cold day she will meet on her way.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Best Wishes To You

I wish you all a merry christmas and a peaceful new year. Thank you so much for brighten up my days with your comments and just for being out there.

I´ll share a whole new christmas song by Kjerstin Aune, Juleønske (Christmas wish). It is in norwegian, but enjoy and know that the text is about wanting to share christmas with someone special. She has also made the video. I salute you Kjerstin.

Take care of your self and your family. If you don´t have family I really hope there are someone else in your life that gives you a hug and some love wrapped in care.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Welcome To The World

A friend just gave birth to a beautiful little boy. I knew it would be a boy so I started knitting this sweater and hat a while ago. It is knitted for the age of six months - you never know the size of a newborn.

It was such a joy to knit this.
So tiny and it turned out fine. I had problems with a very vague pattern so I got a lot of help in the yarn shop. Gosh, I´m so happy about that.

The set is knitted from Sandnes yarn Lanett, a very soft and superwash merino yarn.

I found a little suitcase to use as gift box and some ribbons with the word baby on.

It is so giving to make something handmade for a very special friend who are an angel in my life.

I hope my friend will like it - I´ve knitted prayers and good wishes into the stitches. Welcome to the world little guy.

You´re lucky to be born into such a loving home.

This is the suitcase with the set gift wrapped and with the ribbons on. 

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Knit Your Own Seahorse

Photo from Tori Seierstads blog.

In about 2 weeks there is a Knit Along (KAL) on Ravelry for these mittens designed by the norwegian knit designer Tori Seierstad. The pattern is free and a lot of knitters has tried it out, and are very pleased with both the result and the pattern. 

The KAL will start Desember 26th and there are no deadline. Just take your time. 

The pattern is in english, portuguese and french. To see more mittens click your way into Toris site on Ravelry. You can download the pattern from Toris blog or from Ravelry even if you´re not a member. 

I´m actually planing on joining my first KAL. I´m curious of how it will work knitting along with so many knitters all over the world. I find it really amazing - maybe I will see you there?

I´ve already knitted the seahorse into a sweater and a scarf and I get a lot of comments on them. It´s time for some mittens with the seahorse on. I already have the yarn in my stash: Kauni rainbow (what else...)

What could me more wonderful than to give christmas a rest with these mittens and swim along in the big pool of knitters online?

My sweater with the seahorse from the mitten pattern.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Knitting Gone Nuts

So it is official: My knitting has gone nuts. I mean, it could not be me going nuts. Oh no, I´m perfectly fine. In spite of knitting red and turquoise acorns. Perfectly fine - hm.

Ok, I found this wonderful pattern for knitted acorns on Carmens blog and it takes only half an hour to knit one.

It is totally addictive, that must be the nut part. Or maybe the fact that I was going to use from my stash and ended up buying more yarn. And knitted more nuts. Nuts!!

These will end up on my christmas tree - and they works perfect as gift tags as well. Really decorative and cute - and nuts...

You can also check out my project on Ravelry and find links to other knitters acorn projects. You will go nuts about this.

These are knitted with the aran yarn Rauma Vamsegarn.

I knitted them with needles 4mm to get a good tight knit. When casting on and binding off I used extra long yarn tails.

I weaved the tails a little inside the nut, and the rest of the tail served as filling.

In that case there are not polyester filling showing through. And no yarn waste. It works perfect. I used mattress stitches to sew the pieces together.

Since I was little I have loved acorns. I think it is the shape of them. Or the fact that they wear crazy hats. They are just cute and a wonderful fruit of the oak.

So I´m so happy that I got a chance to knit them in whatever color I will. Still nuts after all these yarns. I think a little nuttiness is important so we can have some fun. And never loose the playing child inside. That´s what makes our soul sing.

Friday, 9 December 2011

What A Pig

He is knitted, he is purple and he is felted. It is no fun being a pig - at least he don´t have to become bacon. Or - on the other hand what a diet that would have been. Not to mention how clean one would be on the inside.

Well, enough of all this nonsense. This little purple guy has already found a new home where he will stay and not become bacon. Oh no, I´m starting again..

I found the pattern on Ravelry and it´s a really quick knit. I felted him to make him stand better. So there you have it - no bacon just wool.

Imagine what a crossing between a pig and a sheep would be. Would that be woolly bacon or what?

Ok Ok - not again. Have a lovely weekend everyone - and enjoy a flow of crazy thoughts. It´s really fun: Bacon!!!
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