Monday, 30 December 2013

The Juggling Shawls

Sorry about the unsharpnes - imagine how it looked when they all fell down at the same time...
With heavy wind, cold feet and a bit unsharpened camera it is time to wish for a very happy new year.

Cavalcades are mostly boring - but when they are about knitting and yarn I am in.

Not that this is my knitting cavalcade for 2013.

This is simply to show the craziness of knitting eleven shawls from the same pattern.

And throw them up in the air to make it even more crazy.

I did not spot any men in white coats... It is all about getting things done in a hurry - and publish it online.

People in white coats do not use internet. I think. LOL!!

Anyway, the german pattern I translated into norwegian, and that I modified some, has given me lots of fun finding the yarn and colors and not to mention a warm neck.

I love these shawls with their tassels and glass beads.

They are so comfy and soft. I use them a lot actually.

Do not mention all the other shawls I have knitted... I should stay outside for the rest of my life to wear them all out.

Maybe it is time to move to Svalbard and live in an igloo...

I will definitely knit in 2014. I will definitely blog in 2014. I will definitely appreciate all of you who take the time to read and comment. Thank you so much!!!

The Stitch Story Of Them All
Yarns: Finull, Tynn Alpakka, Mitu, Plum, Mini Mochi, Little Monkey
Pattern: Schultertuch "Geschickt Gestrickt"

I wish you all a happy new year.

For last years words belong to last years language and next years words await another voice
T.S. Eliot
All 11 shawls. One of the red ones is given away for charity.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Star Strucked And Woollen

The shawl upside down...
No, this is not about me meeting some very famous person. More like me being in some trouble trying to show off the shawl I am knitting. How do you take photos of large garments still on the needles?

Well it fell into me head - or rather onto my head to simply wear it upside down. With only a little hole on the top, there were not much star gazing to do.

Anyway, this is one of the projects that has been collecting dust way down in the pile of unfinished projects. It has been so much fun to start other projects that this ended up being overlooked. For about a year to be more precise.

But, it is never too late to get it finished. I have about 15cm to go until I start the edge on the top. I use a 150cm needle as there are a lot of stitches. I have planned to count them before the edge. I use a 2mm needle for it - as I am a loose knitter. I love stranded knitting and the pattern is easy.

After the top edge is knitted I secure the stitches by sewing with machine and cut it open. Then there are some serious picking up stitches to do...

Let´s hope I can finish this before christmas - next year....

Do not complain under the stars by lack of bright spots in your life
Henrik Wergeland

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Kauni effektgarn
Needle: 2mm
Pattern: Stjärnhop
My Ravelry Page: The Milky Way

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crazy In Red

It may occur that I have been called mad to have knitted three of this cool construction, Viajante. In fact, the photos also confirms that. LOL!!

I love big shawls. And I love bright red. There is so much life and joy in that color. And it is the highest arc of the rainbow. Red is simply one of my favorite colors.

I have already told you about the awful oil and smell of the yarn I used for this Viajante in this post.

There were still a smell in it after washing but I used a project bag I could wash and it went well.

But this is really strange: I actually weigh the yarn right after I received it. It was just a few grams under 400 grams.

After washing, rewinding and knitting with it, 40 grams were just gone. I have absolutely no idea why. Some of it must be that oily spinning oil that was washed out.

And some must be moisture. But 40 grams?

Anyway, I managed to get that large Viajante I wanted. After another wash it is really nice. It could actually have used one more wash to get all of that smell out. But it do not bother me anymore. At least the oil is gone - or I could not have worn it.

As I ran out of yarn I started the mesh a little earlier and knitted as much as I could before BO. I am happy with the size of it.

Large, cosy and a really nice garment for cold indoors and outdoors.

A bright red color is just fantastic. Unfortunately it is really hard to come by, both in stores and in yarn color.

In Norway it is often called christmas red.

Well, I always tend to think that limited use of certain colors is all about the bright colors. I have never heard about christmas gray or summer brown.

Anyway, do not bother what colors are called. Life is too short to care about such small things.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Blackhill Høylandsuld, Garnudsalg
Needles: 2.5mm for body, 2mm for lace
Size: 230 x 144cm
Pattern: Viajante
My Ravelry Page: Color Me Red

Red, of course, is the color of the interior of our bodies. In a way it´s inside out, red.
Anish Kapoor

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Is It Over Now?

Even my cat has given up... He is rolling over...
That is the question. After knitting 11 shawls from the same pattern I should be finished now. Sort of done what I could do by modifying and using different yarn types.

This last blue one sure took me some time to finish. It was at the bottom of my unfinished projects as I discovered it a while ago. Just lying there in all its blue glory.

I decided to finish it. I am in this "finish your current projects before starting new ones" thinking. I hope it will last some time.

I should really finish some of them. After new year, I think. That is a great time finishing them. And then again, it is also a very good time starting new ones....

Anyway, this shawl is knitted in Mitu and Schulana Kid-Seta. Mitu is a mix of half wool and half alpaca. You may remember my post about me never using alpaca again.

Well, this yarn holds up. It is soft and wears nicely. The Mitu and the mohair is a match made in a yarn store.

I use interchangeable needles with two different sizes of needles. One is 4mm and one is 10mm. This is really a rib knit with one purl, and one knit stitch knitted from the back loop. As the needles have different sizes the stitch pattern looks very different from a normal rib knit.

I really love the color in this one. A bit dark, but then again bright. I wear these both inside and outside. I have modified the pattern some and you can read about that in my Ravelry project.

So, this may be the last one from this german pattern. Or...

I never say never, because I don´t want to be one of those guys
Bob Seger

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Mitu, Schulana Kid-Seta
Needles: Interchangable needles with 10mm one on end and 4mm on the other
Extras: Glass beads and tassels
Size: 235 x 64cm
My Ravelry Page: Number Eleven
Pattern: Schultertuch "Geschickt Gestrickt"
The five shawls from the same pattern and in Mitu and mohair.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Last Time With Alpaca

Same sweater: The one of the left is not used - the one on the right has been used a little. Pattern: Skappelgenser.
I have given all my alpaca yarn to charity a while ago. In spite of the softness (and very high price), the yarn is simply not good enough for the garments I have tried knitting with it. First of all it gives so much that a sweater knitted in Tynn alpaca (norwegian alpaca yarn) ended about 40cm longer than it was coming off my needle. And it gets longer each time I use it. I knitted it on large needles, and thought that was the reason.

Previous photo of my scarf knitted in alpaca.
But a scarf knitted on 2mm needles has given about 30cm as well. In addition the pattern got distorted and the whole scarf ended loose and not very good looking anymore.

Quite annoying thinking of all the work and money going into it.

There have been no use in washing the garments - I tried that in hope of getting back to where the garment was before use.

And I must add - these garments are not that much used at all. No words about me having a lot to choose from... LOL!

And there is really something strange about alpaca yarn. After a while it is not that warm anymore. The fibers sort of collapses and loose its ability to give that warm feeling.

Alpaca yarn may be good for hats and other small garments. But I have switched to proper wool - it holds the shape, warmth and most of all it stays the same as when it comes off the knitting needles.

I have knitted a long sweater in half wool and half alpaca and it gives just a little. The wool helps the alpaca to keep in shape.

This is all based on my experience with alpaca yarn. I have tried different brands and it has all been the same. Too bad - the softness is just wonderful.

Anyone having the same problems with alpaca? Or having advice on what to do about it?
New and unused on the right - used and now about 30cm longer on the left.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How Is This Possible?

I know - norwegian patterns from large yarn companies can often be badly written. I should have thought about that before buying the pamphlet from Sandnes, Strikk og tov julen inn (knit and felt for christmas).

I instantly wanted to knit and felt the mice I saw from in pamphlet. Just a quick and easy knit. But that was before I bought the pattern. 

These are only notes really. The mice are knitted flat in five pieces. I was told to cast on and follow a diagram for the body as you can see a bit of on the photo. 

Photo from
One row in the diagram is two rows it said. Really? And the worst is yet to be told: After knitting half the body I am told to mirror the diagram.

How in the world can they tell someone to do that? I simply have no idea how to do that. Standing in front of a mirror knitting? And do the job for a designer? 

In addition there are no directions for the diagram - what method to use to increase and decrease if that is what I am suppose to do.

I  contacted Sandnes on Facebook and was told to email them. I did. No answer. After over a week I emailed again - this time I got an answer explaining the exact same thing as the pattern do. I was then told to go back to the store to get help. That would mean a two hours drive.

Where are the pride? How can a serious yarn company (selling tons of yarn) write something this bad?? I can not, and will not, spent time wondering how to knit this. Sandnes, please take your knitters seriously and write decent patterns!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Fana For Fun

Traditional patterns are in right now. And the pattern Fana is certainly worth a try. I wanted a large jacket with Kauni rainbow as the pattern color.

I spent a lot of time finding the right color to go with it. It is no secret that gray, black and white was out of the question. I decided for at light blue color. Man, was that hard to find. I was all over the internet place - and consider myself so lucky to have found just what I was looking for.

In Sweden they have this wonderful wool yarn called Kampes.

Just in the right blue color and not all solid colored. I love heather yarn, and it gives life to a garment.

So, the body is finished. I use an old pattern for this.

I cast on 296 stitches and then decreased in the sides to get a better shape on the jacket.

All these patterns have shapes for men - with wide tops and smaller the lower you get. Not very flattering for us women.

I knit pattern on the inside edges that are sewn to the inside of the jacket. Just like I did with this cat jacket.

I love it when the jacket opens and that there are some nice pattern so see inside as well. I will show you that later.

Anyway, I have started on the sleeves now. I can not wait to wear this - hopefully soon...

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Kampes 2-trädig, Kauni effektgarn
Needles: 2.5mm
My Ravelry Page: Fana For Fun

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Out Of Hand

Supposed to be a match with the scarf....
Felting these mittens did not go well at all. It was out of my hands as I left the felting to my washer. Honestly - hand felting mittens is not an option. It would take years - or maybe hours... LOL!

Anyway, there are nothing more exciting than to felt garments in the washer. Mostly it has gone really well.

But Finull yarn can be tricky to felt and I have no idea why. Well, I washed them on 60C first. They fitted a dinosaur. Once more on 60C. They fitted a small horse.

And the worst of it was that the red yarn felted into the white.

The bright white stripes was history and I decided to at least felt them enough to use them for snow shuffling.

Before felting - huge mittens!
Even though I hope snow will be out of the question this winter. I think we got for two winters last year.

Washed them with other clothes on 40C. Finally done felting - they now fit my hands.

My intentions was to knit a pair of mittens that would match my scarf design Dot The I. I simply has to knit regular mittens that need no felting.

Felted mittens are simply so nice to wear. And even if they get wet they are still warm. At least that is what I tell myself.

The pattern is an old pamphlet that is so badly written that I have to find out what they mean. Thankfully I have used it before for my rainbow mittens so I knew what to do.

Oh yeah, some times things do not go as planned. So what!!!

Just because something doesn´t do what you planned it to do, doesn´t mean it´s useless
Thomas A Edison
Before and after three feltings in the washer.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wrapped In Glass

Gift wrapping is so much fun. At least if it does not have to go into the mail.

And I like to keep it out of the box. Well, this time inside a big jar. This is a gift for a special friend who love to preserve the fruit and berries we have available in Norway.

Extra yarn and label from it in a little bag.
She is also a skilled artist with a big heart for everyone else.

She gives so much - and this time it is finally me who gives her something unexpected.

I knitted this scarf long time ago and blogged about it then.

I have never used it - it is really not my color scheme although I like the colors and the yummy yarn.

I knitted it in double moss stitch and that made the yarn stand out. I think she will like it - at least I hope so.

The pattern is from the everlasting Baktus - one of my favorite patterns. You can read more about this project on my Ravelry page.

I found a big jar and added a chalk board sticker to it. Those are great for almost anything you like to label. In addition there are some extra yarn and the label from it.

I actually think I will use jars again for gift wrapping. With some paper around no one will guess what is inside.

Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it
Anais Nin

Friday, 1 November 2013

We Have A Winner

I am overwhelmed by all the kind words and that so many took part in my giveaway. I wish I had bracelets for each one of you!!!

But sadly I do not. So, I picked a winner amongst you: Annelies over at Vicarno´s mama. She lives in Belgium and is a crochet designer in many colors. She offers a lot of patterns for her creations and hop over for a visit and see her amazing work.

I printed out all the comments, cut them out and crumpled them. Shaking them well and then I picked one of the comments.

Congratulations Annelies!! Hope you will enjoy your bracelet - I can see that crochet scarf you would make to match :-)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The One And Only Orange

Thank you so much for your comments on my post about language. I really appreciate that you took the time to answer. For now I have decided to continue my english version. I wish I was better in the language. It takes time to check spelling and finding the right words and terms of writing.

I will always be limited due to the fact that I express myself better in norwegian.

But the benefit of being in blogland and communicate with so many readers from all over the world is so big.

I have grown as a crafter and as a person due to the perspective I get.

I want to thank you for your help, for your support and for your comments.

To give something back I have made a polymer clay bracelet for a giveaway. As you can see it has a kind of sea color to it. With a dash of magenta...

But I added one orange bead. That single orange bead is a symbol of daring bloggers that give from their heart and lives. And that we all stand out - and yet stand together.

If you want the bracelet you have to leave a comment before Friday, November 1, 13pm CET. There are no doing this and that in my giveaways - a comment is enough.

The winner will be contacted through email, so be sure to leave your email address if it is not in your profile. You will have 24 hours to reply after I contacted you - after that a new winner will be drawn.

Monday, 21 October 2013

I Need Your Help - Jeg Trenger Hjelp

When I went from creating in polymer clay to knitting I ended with a language dilemma. Hope you can help me!!!
I have been blogging for nearly five years now. Lately I have been thinking a lot about changing the language to norwegian. It is so much easier to write and express myself in my own language instead of checking spelling all the time for the english version. I have a lot of readers from outside Norway - and it would of course be very sad to make a language barrier for them to read my blog. I know google translator is very bad - and would properly not be an option for readers to use.

I started writing english because I could not find anyone working with polymer clay in Norway. It was a dead task to get norwegian readers for a blog about polymer clay. As my knitting has taken off norwegian readers has increased. Half of my readers comes from Norway, Sweden or Denmark. It is not an option to have two blogs. Neither is it an option to write both english and norwegian - I do not think that works good on other blogs.

But the question is: What do you think? Has anyone of you experience in changing language on your blog? 

Thank you so much for your help - and for reading this!!!

Teksten på norsk finner du her:
Jeg har blogget i nesten fem år. I det siste har jeg tenkt mye på å endre språket på bloggen til norsk. Det er mye lettere å både skrive og uttrykke seg på sitt eget språk. Jeg har mange lesere utenfor Norge - halvparten er fra andre ikke-nordiske land. 
Jeg begynte å skrive engelsk fordi ingen i Norge holdt på med arbeid med plastisk leire (ex Fimo). Men siden strikkingen har tatt helt av - har også norske lesere begynt å besøke bloggen min. Det synes jeg er så hyggelig. Nå er halvparten av mine lesere fra Norge, Sverige og Danmark. Det vil selvsagt være trist å miste faste lesere som jeg er blitt kjent med fra andre land. Det øker selvsagt perspektivet. Så dette er ikke et lett valg. 
Det er ikke et alternativ å ha to blogger - det fragmenterer for mye. Jeg synes også tospråklige blogger ikke fungerer så godt.

Så her er spørsmålet: Hva synes du? Har noen av dere erfaringer med å skifte språk på bloggen deres?

Tusen takk for hjelpen - og for at du ville lese dette!!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

My New Scarf Design

One day I went into a local clothes store. And the only colors I saw was black, gray, brown and burgundy. For those of us who does not look good in those colors it is annoying. But there are nothing to do about that.

Or so I thought. If you can not find any color that makes you shine - buy the closest and get your knitting needles out. Find those colors that gives your skin and face life. And knit a scarf.

The visit to the shop made way for my new scarf design, Dot the I.

I love dots and stripes and wanted to combine those two. This long scarf gives the impression of wearing two scarves.

It is a great new beginner pattern and an easy task for the intermediate knitter. You will also learn to knit a jogles pattern in the round.

I called it Dot The I - because we are all created to shine. This is the little extra to wear on gray days and when you can not find any color in the shop you like.

The pattern is free for download from Ravelry. If you are a member you can visit the pattern page here. If you are not on Ravelry you can download it here.

Dot The I is both in english and norwegian. Hope you enjoy it - and that you find the colors that makes you shine through a long winter.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Looking Out From A Mystery

The shawl is no longer a mystery. Everything is revealed in all its glory. I have never imagined that the shawl would look like this. I really love the whole thing. 

At first I did not like those big holes - but seeing it all together I changed my mind. They are a center in the piece and make it all come together. 

I love the way the colors play together and that the orange ended up as a picot edge. 

I had never done that before and had to use youtube to find out how to do it. 

The only thing that was badly explained in the pattern. Anyway, I learned so much from it: That it takes a million hours but is perfect for the shawl.

What a fun mystery knit along this has been. Nothing has been revealed until the very last and fourth clue. 

I am so astonished over Stephen West and his knitting designs. 

What a talent and what a colorful and creative man to have in the knitting community.

The shawl is 190cm long and about one meter wide. I was hoping for something warmer but this will work just fine inside or in a warmer weather. I could definitely see myself knitting one in a thicker yarn..

I can not wait for the next mystery Stephen West is coming up with.

The Stitch Story
Needle: 3mm
Yarn: Madelinetosh sock, 3 skeins
My Ravelry Page: The Hole Thing

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

When The Yarn Stinks

I put the yarn inside a nylon stocking and wash it free from stinking oil.
Bying yarn from Garnudsalg is like going to a restaurant and being told to do dishes before eating there. In addition you have to clean your table afterwards.

The company sells great yarn at low prices. And that is good - but there is a big catch. The yarn stinks so much from spinning oil and you get stains on paper, projects bags and anything else that comes in touch with it.

Worst of all is that intense smell that does not go away from your fingers after washing them several times. I knew all that - my last order was totally wrong in color from the shop photos and is now safely secured in plastic bags. But that is another story...

Anyway, I bought new yarn from the shop.... Not easy to find a proper red color in the thin wool yarn i wanted.

This time I had some weapons to concur that awful smell and all the oil: Dish washer detergent and a turn in the washer. A friend told me about that and without washing the yarn first it is impossible to use.

So, if you have experienced something like this I share the good advice I got (to do the job the company should have done:
1. Put your skeins in a nylon stocking and secure by tying a knot between them
2. Soak in cold water and a strong dishwasher detergent
3. Sqeese out some of the water
4. Put the stocking with the skeins in the washer on wool program
5. Give them an extra spin after the program is finished
6. Take the skeins out and dry them in a warm place
7. Optional: When they seem dry - use your ball winder to wind the skeins back up. You will then get the inside of the skein out - just to be sure that it dries properly.

So, good luck with it if you try it out. About the shop: They do not have an email address - they only answer questions on telephone... Why did I even bother....

Monday, 30 September 2013

Not Having A Clue

Clue 1 is the striped section, clue 2 is the orange section and clue 3 is the purple section. One clue left of the shawl.
This is the funny thing. Normally I would not have knitted a garment I have not seen in advance.

Clue 1.
But I would not have knitted this if I had seen it.

Too much partial knitting.

But since I had no clue this is actually good. Just as life itself - there are so many things we would have been afraid of doing if we had known the future.

Well back to the Mystery Shawl KAL. I have done three clues and only have one left.

But I still have a problem finding out how this shawl is going to be. I hope for a wide wingspan and a long shape. You can read about the yarn and the project on my Ravelry page.

It was a quick knit this time all though there are 619 stitches on the needle with the purple color. All together there are 1004 stitches.

Clue 2.
Since there are so many stitches, a lot of short rows and yarn overs it would soon be a nightmare to keep track of the stitch count.

But Pauline on Ravelry is so generous that she has done the math and made charts for the stitch count on clue two and three.

That saved me - cause if I had to unravel any of this I think I would have given up.

Last clue on friday - and I can not wait to see this finished.

Knowing too much of your future is never a good thing
Rick Riordan

Monday, 23 September 2013

Getting Weirder

Clue one and two finished.
I did not see that coming at all. Starting with a really strange creation - now it is even weirder than before. Not easy photographing it properly - you may get the deal... LOL!!

Clue one when finished.
This is clue one and two in Stephen Wests Mystery Knit Along on Ravelry.

We are half way done with the shawl. I can not even imagine how this is going to be. It looks like a swiss cheese with the Eiffel Tower as a part of it.

Clue two was so much faster to knit. With the instructional videos this is going smooth. I am a bit concerned about the orange yarn.

It bleeds like mad and my fingers got all orange from it. Madelinetosh has never done that before. Hope this is going to be safe to wash when that time comes.

Well, first I need two more clues. Friday is the next up - can not wait to see more of my new shawl.

Stay tuned.....

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Mysterious Color Craving

During the knitting process.
I always like to see the garments I knit - before I knit them that is. Nice to have a photo of the finished thing if I wonder about the next step or if I even like it.

Well, that was some weeks ago. Before I decided to get myself out of the comfort zone. And I mean comfort! Being safe and all. Not taking chances with patterns or designers before I was absolutely sure.

Madelinetosh sock in bright colors. Need I say more?
But that was before Stephen West. This extraordinary knitter with the most creative garments on his list of patterns.

He invited to a mystery knit along (MKAL), the shawl Color Craving.

I got that exciting feeling inside. I needed a challenge and learning something new was just what I needed.

And the word color made me jump into my stash after some goodies.

So I did it. I signed up and I have done clue1 without problems. With a good pattern and instructional videos I had no problems. So genius created.

The only thing is this: How in the world is this going to be a shawl??? Is this the top, the bottom or the middle of it? And why is there over 400 stitches in this and half the yarn used?

I am really excited to see how this goes over the next three weeks. Tomorrow Clue2 will be published. I am very happy with the colors I found in my stash. Can not wait to use the orange one to get that color craving out. I use Madelinetosh sock for my project in bright colors of course.

Stay tuned for next stitch story about this mystery....
Clue 1 is finished with over 400 stitches on a 150cm circular needle. Is this really a shawl - or a swiss cheese?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Color Up The Winter

Colors for autumn and winter is back in the shops and the yarn stores. That means a lot of gray, black, brown and other colors that makes the days even darker. Just as all the others autumns and winters before this one.

It is almost impossible to find clothes and accessories with colors on. But, there is hope.  If you want to color up your winter with some light you can use my free knitting patterns if you want.

You can never get too much colors
 But you can think too much about why you should not wear them

So, trash those thoughts and be your self. I have never met anyone who did not look good in colors - it is all about finding the right hue of them.

Both patterns are in norwegian and english. Lifelines are also in german thanks to Tanja who translated it.

Download Heartwarming scarf here.
Download Lifelines here.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Green Garter Girl

It has been a while since I finished this. I can finally show it in public - it was a gift for a very special friend and she got it for her birthday yesterday.

I was really afraid that the colors where not right. But they were - totally a hit. Man, I was so relieved. She deserves the best and colors are such a personal matter.

A green color is not just green.

There are a million green colors. I took a chance and added some red to spark it all up. And that was a hit too.

This is another Hitchhiker scarf. I love knitting it, and it is so great to use both in summer and winter.

You start with a couple of stitches and increase and decrease in a pattern that is easy to memorize.

You can see my rainbow hitchhiker here and another one with some orange fun here. It is very addictive to knit this - just one more teeth and another one.

The Madelinetosh yarn is soft and perfect if you do not like scratchy wool.

On Etsy I found just the perfect beads to add with the tassels.

And, I also found a tote bag that my friends name was added to. That was so much fun. And the gift got so personal. Nothing is more lovely than to give handmade things.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Madelinetosh merino light
Needle: 2mm
The Little Extra: Tassels, lampwork glass beads
Pattern: Hitchhiker
My Ravelry Page: Daring Red

Friday, 30 August 2013

Getting Hot In Here

Yes, this is my newly finished project. And this is me having some fun taking photos of it. I have no plans on going in hiding or robbing a bank.

This odd garment it simply unexplainable. It is a shawl, a scarf and something between an oversized poncho and a sleeping bag. I think I may be able to use it as a tent too....

Well anyway, the design is quite fun and simply easy to knit. Although I had to get help understanding the pattern.

It was not good explained. But when I got it - it got really fun to knit this. At first you knit a rectangle in garter stitch.

Then you join to knit in the round increasing and decreasing all the way ending with a lace part.

I tend to knit large garments and this is no exception. It is huge - and I had 524 stitches on my needle before starting the lace part.

It is my first time using the danish Holst supersoft yarn and I love it. But it bleeds a lot and may be a bad idea for color work.

I miss a thin wool yarn like this for sale i Norway. For garments such as Viajante it would be nice to have a thinner yarn to go to.

Such a lovely light wool yarn and the price is low. I used nearly seven skeins for this wacky and wolly shawl thingie.

This is nice to use when you get cold on a trip or in a movie theatre. Or to use for a party over a nice dress. The use for it is endless. I have already started a new one.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Holst supersoft
Needle: 2mm, 2.5mm
Size: 204 x 68cm
Pattern: Viajante
My Ravelry Page: Wacky And Wolly

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