Monday 10 May 2021

Should I Get Help?


Or should I knit another one? That is really a big question. LOL!!

One 3mm and one 9mm needle.

This is number 19 from the same pattern. Yes, I have knitted 19 shawls of them. That may qualify as something out of order. At least in my head. 

But nothing is so bad knitting will not cure it. Well, most of it anyway. Enough babbling. 

So when I knit the shawl I use an interchangeable cable where I add one 3mm needle in one end and a 9mm needle in the other end. 
The pattern is simply rib knit with one purl stitch and one knit stitch through the back loop.  

That creates the structure. Cool, isn't it? No wonder I have knitted so many. I should go for at least one more. 20 is such an even number. 

 The pattern is a free German one. I read German but I struggled a great deal with translating it to English. 

Google translator is not quite reliable for knitting patterns yet... But I found out in the end. And I was ecstatic when I saw the stitch pattern.

Right now I am knitting another sweater. I also finished a sweater - I will show it to you soon. In the meantime I can think of a new color for a new shawl... 

Enjoy creating no matter what it is. It soothes in these times.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull Pt2, Mayflower Kid Silk
Needle: Interchangeable cable with 3mm and 9mm needles
Pattern: Geschickt Geschickt
My Ravelry Page: Number Nineteen 
 You are not crazy. You are a knitter. There is a cure for crazy.


  1. This is beautiful and if you are enjoying yourself, go for it.

  2. Love love love this!!! I just love the colors you combine! I would like to be able to knit this too-I'm a bit behind in that department. I have a shawl I've been knitting (for 2 years) still in the 'things to do' box!

    1. Thank you so much Debra. It’s important to just enjoy the things you do. You will finish your shawl in good time. Wish you a happy weekend where you are. God bless🙏🥰

  3. God morgen, kjære Lone... tusen takk, tusen takk, jeg fikk pakke din. Jeg hadde så mye moro med pakke opp. Takk for de vakre kort ditt og de god ordene... og de fantastiske maskemarkierer. Jeg er så glad :-))) Det blir veldig gøy å sy den lille "Kvikk lunsj" posen. Ha en stor klem fra meg. Takk - takk - takk og strålend fin helg for deg... jeg tenker for deg :-))) Viola

  4. Kjære Lone, det nye skjerfet ditt er fantastisk ... for en god idé å strikke med to forskjellige nåler og dermed oppnå en ny struktur.
    Den rosa er fantastisk :-)) Jeg elsker fargene :-)
    Ha en fantastisk helg. Stor klem fra Viola
    p.s. YES... strikk en til :-)))

    1. Tusen takk kjære Viola💕 Ha en nydelig helg du også. Stor klem tilbake til deg vennen🥰🕊

  5. Girl, you are amazing at what you do! You are a true talent at knitting!! Keep going! LOL! Big Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much dear Stacy. I think I will. LOL!!! Big hugs my friend❣️

  6. Another lovely creation, what a gorgeous colour.
    Keep Knitting!

    All the best Jan

  7. Nydelig sjal! Imponert over hvor mange du har strikket. Og ikke gi deg, strikk så mange du har lyst! Selv om det ferdige prosjektet er viktig, er gleden ved å strikke det enda viktigere. Genseren i forrige innlegg var også veldig fin.

    1. Tusen takk Marit Johanne🥰 Det er jo så sant at det å strikke er enda viktigere❣️


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