Sunday, 28 February 2010

Colorful freedom

I can´t get enough colors. This polymer clay set with sterling silver is custom made for a person who loves rainbows and birds. So I was more than happy to make this. I also made a bracelet for fun.

The rainbow always fascinates me because it´s impossible to know exactly where it is and where it ends. And the colors are so bright and clear.

I´ve tried many times to make jewelry in less colors. But I get frustrated because the character doesn´t show that good. And I can´t find myself in them. So I´m just going to be a person who loves colors and can´t stop using them.
This reminds me how wonderful it is to be with people who dare being themselves. And feel happy about it. They make others feel safe, because you always know that they´re not telling lies about who they are.

So the word for you is: Don´t care what people think about you. You can never go wrong if you are honest about yourself. And if others can´t stand the colors: Ask them to wear sunclasses!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Swimming with a rainbow

This fish is rather large. It just lived it´s own life in my hands and went for big.

The fish has served as a symbol when christians where threatened by romans in the first centuries after Christ.

When a christian met a stranger, she sometimes drew one arc of a simple fish outline in the dirt. If the stranger drew the other arc, both believers knew they were in good company.

I wish there where a clever way to find out who you can trust. And who you can´t trust. There should be a sign to tell if a person is going to hurt you. That would spare us for a lot of hurting and time to build us up.

But we need to trust ourselves and our own feelings. And we get hurt over and over again. That´s the price we pay to live near other people.

But there´s a lot of hope in this: We learn every time someone is hurting us. And what doesn´t kill us, makes us stronger.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Simply a purple heart

I enjoyed making these purple hearts. On the other side of the pendant the word Love is impressed. Stringed on nylon mesh this pendants has more life in it. I havn´t been making many hearts in my work with polymer clay. But hearts are universial. A symbol of the greatest thing one ever can experience: Love. If we haven´t had the ability to love, the world would be a very cold and dark place.

In Norway Valentines day is sort of a commercial stunt from abroad. Mainly made for businesses to make a profit. We don´t have the tradition of celebrating Valentine in Norway. But it´s here to stay, and there are in fact a great deal of people getting there head out of the door to buy hearts, teddybears, flowers and lovely cards for their loveones.

It´s sad that you need a reminder, because love shold be there every day. Not in things but in what we do and say. But it´s sometimes nice to have a reminder. Commercial or not.

After making these purple symbols I also made some in other colors. These also comes with matching earrings. I´m going to make more hearts in the time to come.

So let´s go changing someones life with just a little LOVE

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Penguin - the color behind

I´ve always admired the penguins who lives under extreme conditions. They survive the winter in minus 60 C without food waiting for their female to get back from the sea. They can dive over 500 meters. And they are birds without ability to fly.

I made this one in the colors of the rainbow. A way to tell that there are so many excited angles to watch the penguin from. They are not only black and white. In fact, nobody are just what they look like.
I always try to think that when I meet a new person. Everyone has colors inside. It´s up to us to actually see them. And we should not be afraid to show our own true colors.

Noone should need to hide behind black and white. Everyone is unique and it would be endless boring if everyone looked, acted and where thinking the same.

This penguin is a symbol of the freedom to be one self. In colors!!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Rainbow for a seahorse

Seahorses are fascinating creatures moving elegant around in the sea.

I chose a rainbow skinner blend for this pendant. It´s part of my "Letter be Love" series which you can enjoy in my Flickr.

I love the way that I can use letters to underline my jewelry. The obvious becomes a decoration. I really ejoyed making this one and it makes me smile. What do you think??

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Birds In A Language

These birds are all made in polymer clay. Birds are to me fantastic to make. They remind me of freedom, spring and hope. The best sound I know, is all the birds singing in the morning.

The bracelet birds have different words on them. All the words means bird in a different language: Chim (vietnamese), Éan (irish), Bird (english), Fugl (norwegian, danish), Vögel (german), Adar (welsh), Ptaki (polish), Ndege (swahili), Aves (latin, spanish, italian).

I really don´t know where the idea came from. But every night, before I go to sleep, different jewelry comes to me. And these sort of flew into my mind. And here they are. The spotted ones are made with a clay extruder.

So, let´s spread our wings and be creative. There are no limits or borders in art!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

For a dear friend

What is the best thing to give a friend? That must be love - or a mouse (LOL). But when that person is living far from you polymer clay will help. Put a lot of love, a lot of time and some imagination together with the clay and you have a jewelry. This is the way these mice came to the world in my studio. I also made a ring and some earrings to go with the necklace.

I love making jewelry for friends. Giving a little bit of myself to someone is just so nice.

So do this: Send an email to someone, give a call on the phone or send a card. If you give some love to someone today - it will make the world a better place. And you might be given some in return.

Take care whoever you are!!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Why polymer clay?

Polymer clay is to me a real lifesaver. It gives my life meaning and creating jewelry is such a pleasure. I really enjoy when people loves my creations. But the best is that I can create whatever I want without concern about what people think. And polymer clay is for everyone at every level. You can be an artist and make a living of it. Or you can enjoy polymer clay in your spare time. You don´t need a lot of expencive equipment. Just your hands, some tools from the kitchen and a pasta machine.

These mice are some old ones from when I started my work. The mice follows me in whatever technique I use. I always try them on a mouse. So I get a lot of mice in a lot of crazy designs.

I´ve learned a lot from clayers who publish tutorials online, from books and from really nice clayers all over the world. Clayers are so kind and they gladly share their knowledge with all of us who are new to the medium. So don´t give up. Give it another try. You wont regret you did.

Welcome to Flowermouse Design

I´m happy you found your way to my blogg. I´m a polymer clayer and I love colors and always want to learn more about the combination between colors and polymer clay.

Making the mice startet out as a funny earring with a mouse in fimo for a party at work. I of course had to make a mice pendant as well. And as the months has gone by I have tried to learn about techniques for making canes and other things. It takes time - but it developes as I go on.

The mice is my own copyright design. The design is registret by The Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

Check out my Flickr photostream to see my work. Flowermouse Design
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