Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Ready For Blue Days

Just started on the pattern with 480 stitches on small needles. I love it!!
At least in my knitting. I´m actually quite excited about finding a pattern for a dress in the right shape to knit. And a one in norwegian is great.

Photo of the pamphlet.
Small neddles and a lot of knitting will keep me warm in addition to making a nice garment for my self.

Right now it´s hard to see what it will look like - but click on the photo from the pamphlet to see the garment on a model. It´s not me - no doubt about it....

Anyway, it´s going to be dark blue with turquoise pattern. Those colors goes with everything other color.

I hope it´ll fit - it´s always hard to find the right size. If it get´s too big, I can always eat more chocolate (YES) and if it get´s too small... Well, then I knit a new one.
Dark blue for the background and turquoise.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kind Of Black

My little black seahorse on a long leather cord.
I rarely make anything in black. If I use black it´s with other colors. So I´m quite surprised about my recent seahorse. Oh, I had to add a little white to the clay - after all it couldn´t be all black.

I added texture and my letters - I love letters. They can underline things, build countries, give hope and best of all add love to the world we live in.

Oh, I forgot. This was about that seahorse. Well, after curing it was antiqued with white paint, then I heat set the paint and after cooling it needed to be handsanded and hand buffed.

So, there you have it: My black seahorse with disks. I think it looks kind of a black stone that has been used over the years. Or what do you think??

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Colors Growing Every Day

Click on the photo to have a better look.
In spite of tiny needles the scarf is growing stitch by stitch. I´m having a bit of trouble with the yarn. It´s so loosely spun that it some times brakes during knitting. And there´s too much black, green and red compaired to the other colors. So I have to improvise a lot.

I´m taking out a lot of the black and the green - to get more vibrant color combinations. And it works. I think the scarf will look great when finished. After all it just a scarf - and the gauge and other stuff is not that important.

Just as in life - we seem to worry about things that never happen or don´t mean a thing. So instead of putting the project away I´m determind to finish it - and wear it this winter. Oh, and I can´t wait!!!

If you like the pattern here´s the link for it to Ravelry

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Purple And Still Swimming

Hanging from a long leathercord with beads on the end and disks for fun.
There are several seahorses swimming around in the clay corner of my brain. I´m trying to use up some of my old canes - and have an excuse for making another seahorse pendant. Just to get them out of there.

This purple guy has the inspricption Be Happy on one of the sides, and Seahorse on the other. I also made some earrings from the scrap clay.

I just let my seahorses swim along into my hands to give them their polymer clay life.

Plastic can some times be fantastic.

And I´m not thinking about the plactic, people stuff their bodies with.

I´m thinking about polymer clay - the most fantastic plastic ever.

This is about beeing real, beeing what and who we are.

And keep swimming. In spite of beeing purple with stripes and words on us.

Some earrings with sterling silver to go with the necklace.
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