Sunday, 21 July 2019

Knitting While Cycling

Perfect knitting for Tour de France.
I knit. Others are cycling. That is the deal each summer when Tour de France takes over with so much excitement that it is nearly too hard to watch.

Stitch marker to match :-)
Every year I knit while watching cyclists doing something that seems impossible.

This year I knit a new scarf, Red Katana. In fact this is a repeat from one I knitted during another Tour de France. It got too big - I just want one more wearable.

Garter stitch, simple striping and spit splicing is the perfect combination while watching the Tour.

Also, I have started a new Ticker Tape with another blessing. I love those colors and it goes with whatever I wear. So, a new very long scarf.

You can see the first one here. I mostly knit on it while there are flat stages. After all, one has to be able to both knit and watch.

And stranded knitting is more for listening, watch and concentrate on the pattern.

Both scarves are knitted in Rauma Finull. Not any surprise - that is my go to yarn. Or should I say - cycling to yarn? LOL!!

Not sure if I manage to finish any of these during the race. But hey, does it matter? I just finish it when I can. I enjoy the summer I have. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Enjoy your own life whithout comparing with that of another
Oh, some meters left of this scarf. One letter at the time. Simply enjoying this a lot. 


  1. Sommerstrik og tour er også recepten her! Passer til det ustadige vejr...
    Jeg undrer mig hvert år over at mennesker kan cykle så langt/så højt/så længe!!!
    Jeg er er bedre til strik langt, rundt og længe...😉
    God sommer til dig...

    1. Tak i lige måde Anne😍 Ja, det er helt vildt hva de kan🚴‍♂️ Meget fascinerende!

  2. Jeg har barnebarn her og ikke tid med TV... men Tour de France er veldig spennende, et tøft løp. Jeg liker å se ski i vinteren.
    Super med strikke og se på sykkel racer :-))) Ha masse moro.
    Hilsen og klem fra meg.
    P.S. deilige farger igjen :-)

    1. Tusen takk Viola😍 Så kos med barnebarn. Det er mye viktigere enn sykkel. Klem fra meg tilbake til deg. Kos deg med familien😍

  3. You are such a talent!!! Cycling to yarn! LOL! Hope you liked the race! I truly love your quotes! Big Hugs!


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