Friday, 13 March 2020

Never Stop Knitting

Always enough projects to enjoy.
As long as there are arms, needles, yarn and colors I will knit. I tend to always have a lot of projects lying around. In these times where one should stay indoor for a very long period it is lovely to let the needles fuel my creativity.

I always knit what I like and what gives joy. Nothing else. Right now I am a little crazy about Stephen Wests Garter Breeze. I have already knitted one and is right into my second. A very fun knit and a great stash buster or color boost. Will show you my first one as soon as I get the photos taken.

 This is from the first Garter Breeze:

The second is of course turquoise with a bright red icord. Going to be very nice, I think. A great mindless knit. Stephen West is genius. 
Garter Breeze in turquoise and with a bright red icord.

There is always more projects... This is the Horisont Shawl in finull and mohair. I just use stash for this project. Also a great mindless knit. Colors of the sea and the color of sunrise.

This Rosendal jacket is a long term project which has been lying around for too long. Trying to knit some on it and hope it will be finished some day. A lot of pattern but it is going to be very nice. I love this old pattern from the 90s.

My third Ticker Tape is also coming around. I love that there are only 36 stitches in one row. That makes it grow fast - if I knit on it that is... You could have a look on my other ones here on my blog.

I hope you are safe and well. And that the days will be as good as they can in these days. Nothing else to do than to stay calm and take care. And knit. And eat chocolate. Oh, and drink coffee.


  1. Yes, kjære Lone, slik gjør vi det... jeg har tre sjokolader (80 g hver) i skapett mitt fra øya Sao Tome og jeg er økonomisk med det - ren glede med en kopp kaffe...
    og i mellom :-) Fantastiske strikkeprosjekter du har, kjære Lone. Jeg liker veldig arbeider fra Stephan West. Jakken du strikker denne bli så fint :-)) Ha masse glede med prosjekter dine. Nå jeg starter med symaskin... mange prosjekter i takene. Og jeg kan anbefale en book "Narsiss og Gullmunn" fra Herrmann Hesse, jeg lese... Klem fra Viola - STOR KLEM -

    1. Tusen takk kjære Viola. Du smiler gjennom dine kommentarer🥰 så herlig at du gleder deg over kaffe og sjokolade. Håper du og familien er friske og får gode dager sammen. Stor klem til deg kjære solstråle❣️

  2. Nyydelige prosjekter hos deg, du er slik ei skikkelig 'glad farge jente', blir i godt humør av dine prosjekt! Happy Knitting!

  3. Lovely colours in your knitting.
    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  4. Vores strikketøj holder hænderne beskæftiget og hjernen i ro!
    Jeg nyder alt dit farvespræl 💖

    1. Tusind tak Anne. Ja, det hjælper simpelthen mod alt🥰


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