Sunday, 19 June 2016

Desperate Knitter Seeks Relief

Suddenly my shoulders decided to go on strike. They found out that they have been overworked, underpaid and lacked proper benefits. They simply laid down their arms with a lot of calsium in them...

The owner of the striking shoulders got knitting stop and regardless of all kind of negotioations the situation is still unsolved. The only thing really working is listening to that knitting stop.

But a desperate owner of shoulders on strike tend to hit the end of a thread at some point. Although the stash is just sitting there, a very small purchase was made. The smell of wool, the feel of wool and the thought of it becoming a scarf gives some kind of relief.

Maybe I could be a strikebreaker? Sort of bypass those guarded shoulders and fool them to think that knitting is really not that bad? It could be some lucky step. Or it could be even worse.

I decided to go on a 3mm needle in wood. Knit only a few rows. And maybe, just maybe the joy in creating and living a knitters life can heal those shoulders?? Or not... I know!!! Be patient, get treatment and think that it will pass. After all, this is not the end of the world. Or someting like that...

Anyway, as I hope for better days I dream of that red thread becoming a new scarf. In the meantime I read books. A lot of them...

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Quick In A Hurry

I thought I had longer time. But then the little girl decided to come earlier. 

Extra yarn and a label.
This romper is called quick knit suit. And so it is. 

Really easy to knit and yet fun also, as there are things happening all the time. 

Increasing and decreasing a lot and the best thing: It is knitted in one piece apart from the stitches picked up for legs. 

I knitted this in Sandnes merino as called for in the pattern. I simply love to have knitted something that looks so cute, is a great gift and that is quick to knit. The pattern is easy to follow.

Going to give it away today with some other baby clothes. Bless you little girl :-)

The Stitch Story
Needles: 3.5mm
Yarn: Sandnes merino
Pattern: Quick Knit Suit, Kjappstrikka drakt
My Ravelry Page: Purple Blessing
Wrapped with a little angel for an angel just born.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Frog It And Start Another...

Frogging is no fun - but so are projects that will never be anything other than annoying..
After knitting almost half the body I totally lost interest in my project. I loved the sweater when I saw it and wanted a jacket instead. But the pattern was a disappointment. 

That 80s shaping Rauma still is doing, just kills a lot of their designs. You actually cast on stitches, knit the rib and then increase stitches. 

Rosendal, my new project will be a jacket from that pattern.
I started out trying to get the pattern to fit what I wanted. 

But after a lot of knitting and the realisation that a raglan and a yoke combined will make the whole finishing a disaster, I lost all interest. 

It has been lying around and I have been searching for a new project for those dashing colors.

I have always wanted to knit a jacket from the 90s again.

This time in colors that will suit me and do the pattern justice. Back then I chose the colors in the pattern. The shop had absolutely no knowledge of colors - nor dit I - so I went for the safe choice. The one that makes me look older, sick and grey. No more of those grey colors - life is too short for that.

Anyway, I am actually excited about a new project and that is a long time ago I was just that. I am determined to knit raglan and have no idea how I will do that. But I start knitting and that will sort out in the end. I hope!!!

One step back doesn´t mean you are defeated, it only means you´re 
going to take the same step forward again, but this time wiser
My old jacket from the 90s in terrible colors - at least to me they are :-)

Friday, 15 April 2016

Genuine Fake And Stash

Does this photo needs further comments... LOL!!
I am not tired of making pom poms of yarn. But I suddenly wanted to try out how my new scarf would look with fur pom poms.

Now, my cat is still alive. And no other animals have been hurt in this story.

Because, the fur is fake. Pure and genuine fake. They look real to me.

But I am no expert. The only fur thing I know about is this four legged fellow, the previous mentioned cat.

I have used stash yarn for the scarf.

So why would I buy expensive fur pom poms from real fur when I can get them looking like this?

I must say they were a nightmare to sew on.

There were these little threads on them but they were so bad I had to sew.

As I have told you before - I do not like sewing. At all!!!

But I think I somehow manage to attach them properly. It would be rather embarrasing if they fell off into a salad bar in some restaurant. See, I look healthy...

I could have said the dessert bar, but I did not. After all, image is everything. LOL!!!

Now, the pink color is so nice.

It is pink but not baby pink and still wearable for people over the age of 7 years. I like it actually.

I have not knitted a lot in pink but this gave me a desire to do it again. Will there be another pom pom scarf? That is the question...

The Stitcth Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull
Needles: 3mm
Assesories: Fake fur pom poms
Pattern: Happy Pom Pom Shawl
My Ravelry Page: Fake Fur And Stash

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Eyeball Pom Pom

You may have to use loads of eye drops if your eyeballs were of wool. Not to mention the slight problem with seeing...

Anyway, another stash scarf with pom poms. I like those heavy ends of the scarf.

Makes it very easy to wear and gives a playful feeling.

I used two colors for the pom poms. I have called this sméar which is irish for berry. I simply love Ireland.

Just to try it out and use more stash. I am a little proud to have used that much of it.

Although I could mention some purchase of yarn. But I will not say that out loud. Oh, I just did? LOL!!

You have seen the scarf before in turquoise. I must say that I also have knitted a pink one... Of stash of course.

Dr Martens is a knitters friend
Do I ever get the chance to use all my scarves? No, but so much fun it is to knit them. And try to give some of them away. Gift knitting is not all that fun. But if I knit something I really enjoy, never use it and give it away, I think it is even better than a ordinary knitted gift.

Behind every great knitter there is a huge pile of yarn

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull
Needles: 3mm
Pattern: Happy Pom Pom Shawl
My Ravelry Page: Sméar

Sunday, 27 March 2016

From Stress To Stretch

Never underestimate the power of denial (that this is not perfect)...
After some serious stretching and pulling my tunic is all done. I still think it is a bit too small, but I can actually wear it. I really love the figure shaping pockets. 

Really strange - going hanggliding soon???
But something is really wrong under the arms. It is like I can go hanggliding anytime. 

It sure is knitted a bit tight but still, something is wrong. Maybe I knitted it too long before dividing for sleeves although I followed the pattern? 

Anyway, if I should knit this again I will go a size up. Because knitting looser will make everything worn under it shine through.

Great figure shaping pockets.
I would also knit it longer in order to wear it as both tunic and dress. And if I stripe it again I would not start the stripe knitting so soon.

It is really light, only 300 grams of yarn used for the whole thing. But man, so much knitting.

It has taken a lot of time and I got so bored by it that it has been lying around for months before I finished it.

I have this red Holst yarn just lying there and would love a red one as well. Who knows - I may start it soon..

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Holst supersoft
Needles: 2mm
Pattern: Still Light
My Ravelry Page: Light As The Day

Sunday, 20 March 2016

How Typical Is This?

Preparing for weaving in ends and dreaming of a tunic that will fit me - the shoes already fits :-)
After a million hours of knitting I found my tunic Still Light finished. However.... It is not. I have knitted with at too tight gauge. I measure and measure and always get different number of stitches. I have never learned that measuring properly.

Knitting a bit longer after unraveling.
My tunic is simply too small. I hate it. Still I hope for better outcome.

I decided to knit about 3cm longer (unraveling the rib is part of that) and stretch it as much as I can after wash.

Holst supersoft is a yarn that is highly stretchable. I hope for several centimeters...

If it still not fit I will try and find someone who will get into it.

Because, stop eating chocolate is not an option. Nor is a diet in the whole.

I cross my fingers, toes and knitting needles for that this tunic will do in the end. After all, happy endings can appear in knitting as well as in movies...

A strong mind always hopes, and has always cause to hope
Thomas Carlyle
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