Thursday, 20 November 2014

Heavenly Garter

Sometimes it is enough with at couple of needles and some garter stitch. Sometimes life takes up so much energy that the simple stitch fill all the gaps and gives so much joy.

I have been gartering a lot lately - and I really enjoy it. Not that I need the shawls but I need the stitch.

This is made from stash. I had this sock yarn in the most wonderful color. But it had that stiff feel to it.

A little like bad and cheap yarn sometimes have. Well, I added some luxury to it as an experiment.

Also mohair from my stash. Some blue, some turquoise and some pink mohair.

And it really worked so well. The color is of course a bit hidden because of the mohair but that is ok.

It is now so soft and nice to wear. And of course - those tassels are a must.

A very easy and mindless pattern with casting on three stitches and increase a stitch every other row until half desired length. Then, decrease a stitch every other row until three stitches are left. And then, bind off. Easy peasy.

I actually had my very pink garter shawl on me to my local yarn shop on knitting café. When the other knitters heard about it the yarn sale took off. A nice gift for someone or for your self. Happy knitting!!!

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Katia Olé Socks Rainbow, Rauma Plum
Needles: 5.5mm
Extras: Tassels
Pattern: See above
My Ravelry Page: Katia And The Garter Stich

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Climbing The Stitch Mountain

Clue one is the part before the brioche section. Clue two is the rest of the shawl.
I never give up anything. I like a good challenge as long as I do not have to climb Kilimanjaro. I mean, who need to climb that mountain if you have brioche stitch in knitting?

Well, I have always wanted to learn the brioche stitch. I even have a knitting book about it. But it has been collecting dust - and so has the wish about learning it.

Clue two: Brioche and slipped stich sections.
But then I joined Stephen Wests Mysterie Knit Along (MKAL) this fall.

And the surprise was rather breath taking when clue two was published friday: Knit a whole lot of brioche.

Thankfully he provide a video of the technique. He advised to do a swatch - but I would rather knit a scarf than a small swatch.

I just started knitting the brioche right on the shawl.

And it worked. I was so proud - I have learned a new technique. Although it felt like I knitted and knitted and never got anywhere.

So much knitting and so few centimeters in length. Clue two ended with a large slip stitch section.

I must say that there is a lot of knitting in this MKAL. Maybe a little too much. But hey, I am half way through it. And there are 371 stitches on my needle.

And since he calls this Exploration Station I must prepare to climb another mountain.

It seems like the shawl is a giant swatch in knitting techniques. So stay tuned - next clue are waited friday. Prepare the climbing gear...
This is what first clue looks like. See more in my blog post about Parrot Station.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Waiting At Parrot Station

He said it is the most colorful ever. The word colorful made me gone stash diving. The Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) by Stephen West was launched last friday. A friend bought me the pattern - and I do not say no to a gift. I simply had to try this.

I joined for the first time last year and knitted quite a special little shawl.

There is something about giving away the control and just knit something I cannot predict the outcome of. Colors, lines and holes just emerging by following the pattern.

Apart from the green I had to wash all of the yarn...
There are four clues for this mystery and the second will be published today.

I am so excited to see where this is going. Stephen West have great patterns and he publish videos of techniques so I know what to do.

I really love the colors I found in my stash. The red and turquoise are Dream In Color, the orange is Koigu and the green is Madelinetosh. But, this must be said: Hand dyed yarn gives a lot of extra work.

I had to wash it before even begin the knitting because the colors are not set properly. And it bleed color so much.

This is why I mostly use ordinary wool - the quality of hand dyed merino yarn is simply not good enough. The only thing I really like about it are the colors. This is an attempt to use some of that stash. A colorful shawl is just fine for that.

There are still time to join up for this fun knit on Ravelry. Clue number two is on today - hit the needles and live a little.

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Dream In Color, Koigu, Madelinetosh
Needle: 2.5mm
Pattern: Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2014
My Ravelry Page: Parrot Station
This is the first clue finished. A lot of short rows with no W&T and just a lot of garter knitting. Really fun outcome.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Will It Ever Stop?

My repetitive knitting is beyond all good explanations for the pile of Viajantes that is about to get even bigger. This is my sixth in bright magenta. Taking photos can be a challenge...

A bit of a challenge getting the garment in the right position - could it be advisable to have a better vision?

Ok, seems I am about ready for the photo shoot...

- Is it going to rain - and why is it this dark? And why does my cat seems so uninterested? 

- Oh, here we are - are you getting the picture? Still crazy after all these Viajantes?

Getting a grip of it...

And so the story goes - a bright red one in the needles now...

The Stitch Story
Yarn: Wollmeise Lace
Needle: 2mm, 1.75mm for lace part
Pattern: Viajante
My Ravelry Page: Whatever

All dressed to go with matching polymer clay bracelets.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Color Craving Autumn

Days are getting darker and it seems like an eternity until spring is here again. I love bright warm days - so I could easily move to a warmer place from now until May. But there is this problem with the wool. When should I use it? And what should I knit? It sure is a good thing that I avoid those huge problems.... 

Anyway, I found the brightest colors of autumn some large needles and went for another mindless knit. Orange and red are wonderful colors together. 

I use Finull and Plum, my absolute favorite yarns. Those two together is like hot chocolate and freshly baked croissants.

From red to something dusty colored...
And I must add: Rauma has changed the color on their red Plum mohair yarn. 

And shame on them for making it dusty red - it is nearly not red anymore. 

The bright red I use is from a sale I came over. That bright red is just wonderful but nowhere to be found anymore. 

If anyone know of a bright red kid mohair yarn - please tell me about it. 

What I do not understand is that they have all those bright colors in Finull and have a lot of patterns with the combination of the two yarns - but no red color in Plum. Well well, no problems are too small to be made bigger... LOL!!

But, I think my shawl is going to be lovely. Still knitting on some gifts and all I need is those garter shawls for relaxing in between. While I watch the leaves fall from the tress in all those wonderful colors.
Knitting garter stitch and inreasing every other row until the whole shawl is finished. I use the Josephine pattern for it. 


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pink Mission Completed

Never ever underestimate the use of a new color, I said to myself. I could never wear pink, pink is for young people and pink is a matter of the 80s is just some of those stupid thoughts.

Well, I told them to move out and went for the pink. The very pink color.

Tassels with swarovski beads were added.
I am so pleased with my garter shawl. So nice to wear and so soft and warm. Just the perfect color for me. A totally mindless garter project.

Just casting on three stitches, increasing every other row on the one side, and then decreasing on every other row after half desired length. And it knits up fast too.

Well, since I totally love to have some accessories to go with my knitting I made a polymer clay bracelet in pink.

And I must admit - the boots came first. Pink boots are so fun - and the shawl and the bracelet is made for them...

I am already thinking of knitting a cardigan with some pink colors too. Where will this end?

Would there be more colors for me to examine and fine suitable for me? I will think so.

There are so many colors out there that will make us look fresh. Life is too short for the wrong colors.

The Stich Story
Yarn: Rauma Finull, Rauma Plum
Needle: 6mm
My Ravelry Page: Pink Sky
Pattern: My own - see above

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Winning Birds And Hearts

I am so lucky!! Two birds and a lot of hearts flew into my mail box and brought smiles and daylight into the beginning autumn.

I won two giveaways from bloggers that I have known in blog land for years. All the hearts are from Debbie over at Craftymoose Crafts. She is a master in beading flowers and creating all sorts of art in altered books, on playing cards and like the one I got, an AECO (art card editions and original). I love the colors and all the hearts. Thank you so much Debbie!!

And look at the crows and the colors with them. Stacy over at MagicLoveCrow paints crows also on ACEOs and a lot of other artist elements. This is a painting with frame and everything. I really love it. It has a tenderness and yet a very strong message. Thank you so much Stacy!!!

Isn't it just wonderful to get such gifts from artists in other countries? I just love the fact that in blog land there are no borders. And everyone has a voice in their creating. We are blessed!
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