Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Fake For Fun

Well, these pebbles are fake. In fact faux pebbles in polymer clay. One of the most fascinating things about polymer clay is that you can make it look like anything else. Like food, rocks, glass or what you want.  Take a look at my group of faux art on Flickr.

So, you can fake almost anything today. The most parts of the human body, tastes, smells and everything else. You can even fake what you feel.

But the real thing is always the best anyway. Real people with real bodies, real taste of strawberries and a real smile. Don´t try to be what you think other people want. You are the real thing - and that´s the best.

Friday, 26 March 2010

One Thousand Reasons

This is magic. I have over one thousand visitors on my blog. Thank you all so very much. This means the world to me. I´m celebrating with my faux rocks in polymer clay.

There are so many reasons in life to keep on going. It don´t have to be big things. Only to listen to the birds in the morning. Recieve a message from a friend. Or a friendly face on your way.

And if you mean there are no reasons to get up in the morning remember this: Hope is always there for you. If you don´t give up the hope you don´t give up living. And I´m sure there are always a reason to smile or to feel good. You just have to find it - it´s there.

So what little thing made you smile today??

Monday, 22 March 2010

Flowermouse Into The World


I can´t say how happy I am to be featured in this book of European polymer clay artists. I even made the front cover with my purple seaurchin.
This is a very big thing for me and I thank Anke Humpert and Martina Weller for this. You can buy the book here. And read about it in Ankes blog here.

They have done a really impressive job with this book. All the photos were shown in Baltimore for their Synergy Conference.

It´s lovely to know that Europe is on the polymer clay map.

And there´s more. The french blog Parole de Pâte featured my work and I got a lot of comments on the article.

Thank you so much for the credit. It´s such a great inspiration to know that others like what I do.

I´m always looking into this blog. Here you can find tutorials, intervjues with artists and I love that every level is represented.

You don´t have to be a big artist to be good enough for this blog.

Thank you to all the french clayers who made this blog what it is. And if you don´t understand french use Google translater. It works so you understand the articles.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

My Knitted Cat

I actually love this sweater - or the pattern. I had all this yarn lying around and wanted to use it for this sweater. I´ve made about 100 sweaters before so I never thought this should turn out totally different than all the others.

The pattern is from the 90s by the norwegian brand Rauma. The 90s was the time when sweaters were suppose to be BIG!

So I knitted a size or two too big, and knitted too loose and ended up with a sweater looking more like a tent.

So I had to put in the washing machine to shrink it. And it came out great.

But it´s not too small now - it´s a very varm and funny sweater. So all the work wasn´t in vain.

All this made me think about sizes. They are NOT what they used to be. Size M in the 90s is now size XL or XXL.

All to make normal people feel bad. And maybe the people selling diet products are sponsers of those making clothes?

Anyway, normal bodies are out. We have to look like straws only eating an apple a week. How sick is it to tell people that they are not good enough just because they don´t fit the too small clothes in the shops? And to show us every day that we should be really thin to be successful and accepted.

That´s just a way to put us all down. Who really look like the ideal woman without beeing sick or beeing fixed in photoshop?

So my new sweater is going to give me great joy. I can sit inside the sweater and sence the warm feeling of something I made. And I didn´t had to be humiliated in a shop. So ladies - go out and show who you are. You are more than good enough as you are. Don´t ever let anyone tell you the opposite. That would be a big lie. 

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mice On Their Way

These mice are going to show themselves to the world. They will be at the exhibition today.

I´ve made them over some time and they always gives me great joy. Where I live there are not many people wanting to wear them. So I mostly make them for myself. That doesn´t matter - I love it.

The mice are my own design and I´m very happy about it. I have something I made. I think a lot of what people do of creative work always get jugded by ones who claim to know about "real" art.

Well, I think all creative work do something to the one making it. And to all of us around. So don´t bother listen to people trying to put down what you made with their "this is not art" stamp. Keep up all your creativity and let yourself have fun.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nuts About Hope

I made four walnuts for an art exhibition with the theme Hope. All handmade in polymer clay - including the nuts.
I came up with the idea about staying inside yourself protecting you against everything.
 So you need to make a hole to the outside world with a hint about you wanting help.

Quite terrifying but what a great thing.

 If you don´t open up you are protected against what may hurt you.

But you´ll miss all the light, love and hope outside. If you open up you´ll bloom in all your colors.

Let your life begin and use all your power to get your shield open.

Then, the light will come in and you´ll start to give life to all who is actually you.

You´ll start blooming.

 When you open up all the hope and all the flowers will bloom as it was supposed to in the first place.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tulips For Spring

The sun is really here to melt away the snow and all bad feelings from the frost. It gives that feeling of all frozen thoughts also are melting. I got so inspired of all the drops of melting snow that I came up with this necklace.

I love tulips and this reminds me of a big bouquet of them in a vase. Now I can wear this necklace and enjoy all the sunbeams which are warming up all the hope we need to have.

The hope for the future, tomorrow and for all our dreams to come true.

And if there´s no sun where you are right now: Picture yourself sitting outside on a bench enjoying the sunbeams.

Close your eyes and let your dreams be melted out of the iceblocks inside you.

Dreams can come true if you let them.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

RainbowMice for a fridge

These mice were made for some friends. I wanted to make a surprise and a smile in their life. So now these mice are living on eight different doors of fridges.

And the best of it is that I feel blessed who can say that I have friends to give a bit of myself to. Friends are in fact the family you choose for yourself.

You only need one good friend to not feel alone. A good friend means so much and is a precious gift.

If you have a good friend be thankful. If you don´t have any friends, wish for it. Everybody deserves to be loved.
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