Saturday, 26 February 2011

Look What I Won

I´m so happy to tell that I won three giveaways during One World One Heart bloghopping. Two of them has arrived and take a look. This is amazing!
The first to arrive was from Wanda at A Frayed of Fibers. Take a look at her blog and read about her life, art and all that in between. I wished for the orange doll - and won it. It´s fantastic and give joy in my studio. She also made a necklace with my initial and in addition a lot of special and different things I can use in my creative work. Thank you so much Wanda!!

The second to arrive was the soap saver from Cris. She has crochet this smart thing to drop your soap bar into and use it for rubbing your skin. Cris has the pattern on her blog so go check her out. And if you want to learn crocheting you´ll find a lot of videos posted in her blog. Thank you so much Cris!!

I was so happy when I won in the OWOH. Can´t wait to next years event!!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I Won Two Little Crows

There´s something spectacular about holding another persons art in your hands. To see, touch and enjoy it in real life. That´s what happend to me when Stacys giveaway flew in from Canada. I´m so happy I won this.

You should check out Stacys blog MagicLoveCrow and read her remarkable story about her lifechanging experience and her art. She tells her story with crows and they are so lovely. And she also has an Etsy shop.

The one with the orange background is called "Inukshuk Baby Crow" and the other "Want to play?" They are both original Aceo (Art Cards Editions and Originals).

Thank you for your lovely art, Stacy. And for your words on the card as well. Keep on flying with your crows!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Pebbles Are A Girls Best Friend

Or maybe not? Anyway, these faux pebbles are made of polymer clay and set into a bracelet and some rings. Making them is so satisfying. Because there are no limits and best of all, no correct or perfect way to make them. They just come as they become, shaped between my hands.

I use inclusions like embossing powder and spices. I use a lot of translucent clay mixed with other colors like green, black and grey. And of course my hands and my intuitive mind.

Bracelet of faux pebbles seen from above.
After baking they hit the various sandpapers from 600 to 1200 grit and they´re ready for jewelry.

As you can see I also made a couple of rings to go with the bracelet.

Pebbles are some of the most wonderful things we can discover on beaches and along riversides.

Every one of them is unique. And that goes for us as well.

As we grow up we try to be like everyone else. Whatever that is...

But there´s only one of us - and people don´t come with a blueprint. So why try to be one?

So let´s get out there an be our own pebble with it´s colors, shapes and lived life. If that´s not a diamond - what is??
I also made a couple of rings to go with the bracelet of faux pebbles.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Winners Of The OWOH Giveaway Are...

This years One World One Heart is over. And it has been so wonderful to be a part of. I´ve enjoyed every blog I´ve visited and I´m so surprised that so many bloggers has visited my blog.

Thank you all so very much - I´m so thankfull for every comment and for my new followers. And I found some wonderful blogs to follow. I´m so excited about that.

It´s time to send my seaurchins out into the world. I used a random generator to find the two winners.

The winner of the purple seaurchin is:
Connie from Cetta Cheese Chatter is going to have a new necklace in the mail to Hawaii soon.


The winner of the turquoise seaurchin is
Karen from knitalatte is also going to have a new necklace on the way to Southern California soon.


The winners have three days to answer my email - after that I will draw another winner.

See you next year on the brand new event from wonderful Lisa. Check it out - it´s going to be such fun!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Mouse

One can never go wrong with love. Especially if you´re a mouse in polymer clay with a secret message hidden in a heart.

Valentines day came to Norway some years ago. Mainly because commercial interests wanted to fill their pockets with more of our money.

Most people don´t find the day special. But some are celebrating with roses, candy and gifts.

Despite the commercial thing I think love should be celebrated whenever we can. Commercial or not. We can´t import a culture or tradition but we can celebrate love.

So I did by making a mouse with a hollow heart on it´s tail. Inside there´s a message as you can see on the photos. I enjoyed making it - it´s always fun when an idea falls into my head.

So I wish you a happy Valentines Day - if you´re not celebrating in your country you can always find someone who needs some extra attention.

Or you can give love to your self.

Thankfully love is free of costs - and will always be. In fact if you have love in your life you´re rich.

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place
Zora Neale Hurston

Monday, 7 February 2011

One World One Heart 2011

You´re so very welcome to my blog and to the One World One Heart 2011 event arranged by Lisa Svifka at Whimsical Bohemian.

My name is Lone and I live in the most southern town in Norway, Mandal. I´ve been a crafter all my life but as I discovered polymer clay it all took off.

Now I have a little studio, mostly to have a place to store all I need (or think I need), where I play and have fun creating. I started making mice and have never stopped.

My creation: Just as I like it - mice in colors.
My jewelry is not main stream - nor am I. I love to create what comes to mind and I´ve learned most techniques online or from books.

Colors and hope are my inspirations. Bright colors make my soul dance.

I live with the love of my life and our cat, Gismo.

I´m a journalist by profession and I love to write in my spare time as well. Blogging was never on my list but I don´t regret starting with it.

I never expected to meet so many nice and warm people online. And there are so many creative and skilled women out there.

My Giveaway
As you can see in my blog I also knit a lot. But for the OWOH event I´ve made two sea urchins with beads and leather cords to win. Two winners will be drawn with a random number generator.

To win one of the sea urchins, here´s how to enter:
1) Only active bloggers can enter

2) Make sure your comment leads back to you, so I can visit your blog, too.

3) Please make sure to leave an email adress for contact if you win (if it´s not in your profile).

4) The winner will be announced on this blog on Feb. 17, 2011.

5) The winner will get an email and must get back to me within 3 days.

Click the logo to see the list of all the wonderful bloggers who have joined the event One World One Heart.

Thank you so much Lisa for arranging this event. This is so much fun.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

I Won Marlenes Giveaway

I feel so lucky to have won Marlenes giveaway on her blog. I get so excited about winning - I usually never win anything. And just leaving a comment on a blog and then win is just amazing. Thank you so much, Marlene.

The book is Welcome to the jungle by Christi Friesen. She has a wonderful way of writing - and her comments and art brings out a lot of smiles. Reading her books is good for your health - at least for mine.

Marlene also included a lovely necklace - I love the colors. Thank you for your giving heart.
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