Friday, 30 April 2010

From A Box Of Heaven

First time I made these pods I sort of found the meaning with polymer clay for me. The great artist Donna Kato made a tutorial for the cane for these beads. And I was so happy when I managed to make them. In fact I´ll never get bored when I´m making these beads.

And people seem to be fascinated by them. It must be the colors, the shapes or just the fact that this is something new in Norway.

I have this box where I put the sanded and polished beads and sometimes I can just take off the lid and look at the beads. I actually made them and I´m so happy and thankfull that I can.

Sometimes we get really hung up on what we want to do or to be. And most of these things don´t mean anything other than to show that we´re well off or successful.

Maybe we need to be thankful for what we actually can and what we have. Sort of see the heaven in the small things.

I do that in these beads. Every bead remind me that there can be beauty in small things.

It´s just a matter of perspective.

Find your "bead" today and enjoy it big time.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Turquoise With Sea Urchins

Last year I custom made one of those sea urchins. Now more people want this rather strange colored creature. They are made of polymer clay. Some of the beads are added small glass beads.

I actually ordered real sea urchins from Florida to make copies of them. They are not easy to come by in Norway.

I love making them. And I like the fact that you can wear something that would be too fragile if they were real. Tina Holden has a tutorial on how you can make these. I make them in a little other way than she does but the result is the same.

One of the best things I know is to walk along a seashore looking for small treasures. And when I find something special it feels like I have found gold.

 And that´s the thing: There are always small treasures everywhere. Especially in people.

If we use as much time to find the nice things as we do finding the negative ones, we´ll always find something good.

Let´s go looking for the good things!! Write a comment and let everyone know what you´ve found.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Wolly casual with polymer

I got the idea for this casual necklace from Naama Zamirs tutorial. I needle felted this wolly rope I bought and now I have an easy made necklace which actually looks great on.

It´s sometimes strange about the things that just comes to mind and ends up in jewelry like this. I love making jewelry that are not all planed to small detail.

And thats the great thing about polymer clay: You can make anything and whatever people think of it it´s your creation. How great is that?

I call it freedom to create. And freedom to have your own opinion about what you think is nice.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Free To Fly In Colors

Just another addition to my universe of colors. Three pendants in the colors of the rainbow. One of them is for a friend and it has her name on the back of the bird. The two others are more the same with "The Bird" on one side and "Free To Fly" on the other.

So, this reminds us that we always have a choise. We can either stay where we are, or choose another path. To stay is also a choise. Sometimes we need to fly away. Sometimes we can stay and enjoy all the colors where we are.

In the end it´s totally up to us. What a great opportunity:-)))))))))))

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Free As A Bird

These polymer clay birds are not just birds. They have the word "bird" in different language on them. Exept the one with my name on it.

Chim (vietnamese), Éan (irish), Bird (english), Fugl (norwegian, danish), Vögel (german), Adar (welsh), Ptaki (polish), Ndege (swahili), Aves (latin, spanish, italian), Ptika (croatian), Eun (scottish).

I wanted to celebrate the spring, the sun and the hope of warmer days. Days to feel free, get sunshine on the face and enjoy a meal outside.

Long evenings listening to the birds singing is the ultimate feeling of freedom and peace.

It´s really not the huge and expencive things that make us happy. It´s the little things everyday.

The days that passes by is in fact life. And it´s up to us to use it in a good way.

Thank you Nevenka for your lovely article about this necklace on your blog.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Minimice With A Touch

Working with some other things I realized I had some leftovers from a rainbow cane I made a while ago. So I made these three little mice.

They are stringed on fabric together with a vial filled with small glass beads and a prayerbox in sterling silver.

It´s strange because there are so much beauty in little things. All the left overs just waiting to become something beautiful.

There are in fact something beautiful in everything and everyone - it´s up to us to see it.

Like a walk in the forrest: You can decide to see all the trees or you can see all the details making the trees.

If we meet other people seeing who they really are - we become richer and the people happier.
Isn´t that just wonderful??

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Happy In A Scarf

You can never go wrong it you´re just yourself. Sometimes I get hung up on how I think things must be.

But lately I´ve started to undo that kind of thinking. So I made this scarf of a lot of different patterns and colors.

Just to try out how fantastic it is to just do what I like.

I challenged myself to not knit the same pattern twice. It was so much fun, easy and it didn´t take much time.

I´ve used patterns from old knittingprojects I have, patterns online and things I just made myself.

So, don´t ever let anyone tell you that you can´t. Whatever it is. There are no limits. We grow if we think outside the box.

And the box is really a place we and others has put us to controll everything.

Let the spring in your life take over, step outside the box and enjoy your own colors.

Remember this: You´re good enough as you are.

This seahorse in my scarf is from the free mittens pattern from Tori Seierstad. Thank you Tori for sharing this lovely creature.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I Am Published

 I can´t say how much this means to me. I´m published in Tejae Floydes book Polymer Artists Showcase. My mice are on page three. Yes, they are presented a long with the introduction. My mice - into the world. They are having the best cheese I can find. I also found a bracelet of mine in the book.

It´s really lovely to have a book with pictures of other peoples work. Thank you so much Tejae for a great job and for seeing all of us.

The book is so great and you get a glimpse of a lot of clayers and their work. You can read more, see the preview and order it here.

I´m also published in Anke Humpert and Martina Wellers book European Polymer Clay Art. I really recommend this book.
You can see photos of the clayers, see their work and enjoy the fact that 16 countries, 45 artists and 217 pictures are presented.Thank you Anke and Martina.

Check out the book and buy it here.

I´m so happy and thankful. You brigthen up my day and give a big encouragement.
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