Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Happy Shells From The Sea

I can walk on a beach for hours to look for treasures from the ocean. I have loads of glasses filled with seashells. What a fantastic holiday it would be to get to a beach where all the real colorful and excotic ones are.

Well, that´s only a dream. But while I picture all the glasses I could fill with these seashells, I can make some in polymer clay. These are copies from a real seashell which I found in Denmark. White polymer clay with acrylic paint.

It´s important to dream in life. To picture what it would be like to be on the top of what is your difinition of a mountain. Everyone has their own dream - and they can come true. Isn´t that fantastic?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gallery Mice In Black And White

This necklace went for a challenge in the american magazine PolymerCafé last year. No place in the top of all the contributions. But no problem about that. They made it to the gallery in this June issue. And that´s really huge to me.

It may seem simple but I worked some time with the idea and the design on these to get them as I wanted. I kind of like these fellows. And I like the way they came out. It was fun to sent off the photo to the magazine and very exciting.

As far as I know Norway has never been mentioned in the magazine. Some times it´s lovely to make a footprint from this corner of the world. Every footprint count - so don´t ever hesitate to do what you want.

I like this magazine - the only one about polymer clay in the world. It´s for every level packed with tutorials, articles about the medium and loads of adds for different tools and stuff. I always enjoy getting it in the mail. Check it out here.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Fishy Knitting Story

I´ve been knitting on and off for about 20 years. It is so much fun, and it´s amazing what you can do with knitting needles and some yarn. This stranded sweater is a lovely project for a fishy story. The pattern is designed by the danish designer Hanne Thorsen and is called Fish.

The pattern is actually made for a childrens sweater. But I can´t see why I shouldn´t wear such a lovely sweater as well. So I added some stitches to go with my size. I can´t wait to put it on - when I´m finally finished with it. But the most fun part is the knitting - and see it getting longer and longer.

It takes some time to knit it - you have to consentrate all the time. But as the fishes swims along with the needles the sweater grows. In it´s what means something: To enjoy the prosess when it´s there. No matter what it is.

One can´t learn anything if we don´t go our own way and experince all the bumps on the road. Even if it get´s dark and hopeless - there are still something to learn. We grow with all we meet in our way. That´s what makes the beauty of a flower.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Gift From A Heart

 This is the most personal gift I´ve ever got. I love this pendant so much. It says much more than words. The artist Marie Segal made this to me and I can´t say how lucky I am to recieve this heart. You should visit her blog and see for yourself.

Her heart line in polymer clay is extraordinary, and she manage to tell so much using polymer clay. These hearts are much more than jewelry. They tell something to the wearer and about the artists heart.

This shows that a personal gift from a heart means much more than departmentstore bought jewelry.

I admire her work and the fact that she´s so giving and loving. Thank you Marie. You made me so happy. More than you know.

You can also find Marie here:
Her Etsy shop
Her Flickr site

Friday, 18 June 2010

Mixed Summer Style

Three different types of media is used in this necklace: Decoupage, wet felted wool and polymer clay. This is my first attempt on decoupage. I got so ispired by this tutorial by Zorika, so I had to try it. It´s a great way to try some new beads. And it´s not difficult. I used half a paper napkin on these beads.

Sometimes it´s easy to stay in the same medium but it´s so much fun to try out something new. There are no limits for what goes well together. Never be afraid of trying something new - it could be a fresh start on something really good.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bread, Cheece And Mouse

So, when this guy came as an idea I just had to make him. Faux bread and faux cheece in polymer clay. It was so fun to make this pendant. I was smiling all the time - how crazy is it possible to be??

Well, after I started making mice I found that nothing is actually crazy enough. Testing techniques on my mice is always fun - and that make the bowl of strange jewelry even more crowded with these creatures.

It´s never to late to play - even with polymer clay. It´s always sad to meet very grown up people who has forgotten to play. To have fun and just do what they want.

You don´t have to have children to play with a big plastic toy in the water this summer. Or to have a great snowball fight in the winter.

Find the child inside and have fun in just the way you like it. There are more than enough serious days in everyday life. Don´t waste precious time to play.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Smaller Sea Urchins Goes For Silver

These small polymer clay sea urchins is a custom order. They are supposed to be used with silver chains, long or short. It´s really a great idea to find a form you like and make it in various colors. Despite the form is the same - the jewelry has it´s own expression.

It fascinates me that a creature from the sea (or at least it´s home) is so beautiful and decorative. You can use it for jewelry or whatever you prefer. Polymer clay makes it even more fantastic - you can create an exact copy of the sea urchin.

See the tutorial for how I make the sea urchins here.

It´s really a gift to be able to create. For many years I´ve always wanted to draw or paint. But that´s not something for me - it just don´t work.

But I found out that instead of longing for something I couldn´t do I honor the gift I have now. And it´s so satisfying to create something - no matter what it is. It´s about beeing happy for what we got.

If we spent a lot of time chasing whatever we want we miss being happy for what we actually got.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Flying In Purple

This purple color is great - bright and clear. But I can´t remember how I mixed it. I was just playing around with the clay and there it was: The color purple. 

I envy all those who systematicly write down everything they do to remember it. Who makes a lot of colorchips and notes to keep track of every color they blend or project they do. I´ve tried - but I get so bored.

So I found out that I can´t be everyone else. I blend colors and can´t remember how I did it after a while. So what? Nothing wrong with that. So I can just fly around in my purple and enjoy every minute of it. Because there are not a color like it. Not in my clay box anyway.

Let´s fly around in our own colors. You can´t copy anyone else. You are you. And your color is what it´s suppose to be. Bright, clear and beautiful. No matter how it was made.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A little break mouse

Sometimes it´s a good idea to get back to the beginning. To the roots of all those ideas rumbling around in the head. My root is my mice - they give everything meaning in my crafting world.

They are a part of me, and if I don´t make them there is something missing.

Sometimes we seem to drown in all the things either we or others expect us to be or to do. And we loose the track of who we are or what we like to do.

It´s always nice to go back and find that place where it all started. Where all the creative life is - where you find real joy and pleasure in what you do.

Like eating chocolate when you are suppose to eat vegetables.

So, for a little break and finding the root this mouse came out of my hands. And a ring to go with it. I love him because this is a symbol of what joy and fun is to me. Have you found your root?
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